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    Leica Canon 50mm f0.95

    Interesting conversion. love the results.
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    Leica Nikkor 8.5cm w/ Amadeo adapter

    great shots. Wonder how this compares to the C.Z. 85mm F2 in Contax RF?
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    Leica The best digital bodies for manual focus Nikkors are......, Leicas

    I really enjoy my Fuji Mirrorless body's with Nikkor lenses. Gallery links allowed?
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    Leica Canon 5cm F2 Serenar and Nikkor-HC 5cm F2 on the M9, at the Marine Museum.

    I have this lens. I've been considering trading it. this thread makes me thing I should keep it. Anyone have a current value on it? Here are some pictures I have taken with this lens. processed - Canon Serenar F2 5cm - RogerLund
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    Fuji Red and Yellow flower - Canon Serenar 35mm 2.8 LTM

    Canon Serenar 35mm 2.8 LTM. Wide open. Small tube. Fuji X-E2. Taken last summer.
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    Fuji Pink Lilly - Meyer Optik Gorlitz Primotar 135mm F3.5

    Meyer Optik Gorlitz Primotar 135mm F3.5 . Fuji X-E2. Taken two summers ago, ha, I thought it was last year. Either way, I'm wanting summer, this rainy day.. :)
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    Fuji Off Camera Flash Options

    I know there are multiple ways to go, lights, flashes with umbrellas, I was thinking a TTL or HSS setup, would perhaps give me more flexibility as to future uses. There are more than one kit, what are you referring to?
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    Fuji Off Camera Flash Options

    Also, that is 100% manual flash correct?
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    Fuji Off Camera Flash Options

    Can the trigger system they have work with Fuji? Or would I need a cactus II?
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    Fuji Hello From MN

    Nice to meet you. :)
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    Fuji Off Camera Flash Options

    HI all. I'm shooting mostly Fuji These, days. But I still have some of my old Canon gear, including my Canon 430EX. I have a family (CUZ) wedding to shoot in May, and while I own over 70 lenses, (all non fuji, I shoot manually) I normally don't shoot much flash. I'm thinking a flash setup would...
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    Fuji Winter is Cold

    Reflects my mood today as the sunset. brrr, taken in Sartell MN. 1936 manufactured ernst leitz wetziar summar 5cm F2.0 LTM Adapted to Fuji X-E2. Shot Wide Open. Processed in Lightroom.
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    Fuji Dunn Brothers Coffee.

    St. Cloud Minnesota Dunn Brothers Coffee. They Grind it in house. Carl Zeiss Opton Sonnar 1.5 T. Fuji X-E2. Converted with Iridient X-Transformer, Processed with Lightroom. Click on each Image for Full Screen.
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    B&W Portraits

    My Wife, and our friends. From this weekend. Minolta MC ROKKOR 58mm PG 1.2. Fuji X-E2.
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    Color: Words/No Words

    ernst leitz wetzlar elmar 9cm F4 schneider-kreuznach xenon 50mm 1.9
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