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    Fuji Thanks for my Christmas Gift

    congrats and enjoy the x-e1, i doubt you'll regret it. merry christmas!
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    Fuji a moment of silence

    december in wisconsin? yup, probably frozen. ;) congratulations on lazarus.
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    Lighthouse before a storm

    i always find it interesting to compare the favorites in a series of photos between photographers or other artists and non-photographers, almost like a mini class in psychology.
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    B&W: Words/No Words

    old blacksmith's shop. fuji x-t1 and 18-55mm
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    Lighthouse before a storm

    i like the last 2 where the light is lit. the composition of the middle one is the strongest to me, but i'm a sucker for strong leading lines.
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    Fuji Fuji x and wildlife?

    a fairly skittish fox last winter at the local wildlife preserve. fuji x-e1 and xf 55-200mm @ 200mm and some a friendly mother moose with her baby in grand teton national park. autumn 2013. fuji x-e1 and 55-200mm @ 200mm. taken just before sunset, handheld. i don't shoot wildlife very...
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    Fuji Featured: 'Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes, CA' by Stephen S

    excellent series, absolutely beautiful scenery.
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    Fuji Featured: 'The Grand Tetons' by Stephen S

    ok, i'm jealous. grand teton national park is one of my favorite places in the world. and you've captured the majesty and grandeur very well.
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    lighthouse in the storm

    Thanks Peter. Nice to see you here.
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    lighthouse in the storm

    much obliged.
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    lighthouse in the storm

    thanks. i hope to get back down there soon to finish the trip. i've been through manteo before, it's definitely a neat little town that i'd like to explore more. i'd love to see some of your shots of the outer banks. thank you. thanks. i tend to get my best shots on moody, cloud filled...
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    Fuji Will an ND filter solve the problem? Overblown skies are killing me.

    if you shoot raw then changing the dynamic range or highlight tones won't help you. they only help with jpgs. if you do shoot jpg then they could help you. a grad nd would help you, so would bracketing and hdr. in most cases i don't use either. i leave the histogram on the screen and look...
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    lighthouse in the storm

    thanks killramsey. there really wasn't a whole lot of warm colors out. everything seemed to be muddy brown, murky blue or white.
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    lighthouse in the storm

    went to outer banks a few months ago but never really made it there. this is roanoke marshes light, located on an island on the way to the main road through outer banks. when i finally made it to rt 12 it was flooded out and unpassable. so i turned around and went back to the lighthouse. the...
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    Rolling mist and forces of nature

    a gorgeous view for sure! i especially like the second, the layers of hills and fog do it for me.
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