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    Expired Thumbs Up (or clone) for Fuji X100

    WTB - Thumbs Up (or clone) for Fuji X100. Prefer silver, but black OK. If you are selling one, please let me know condition and price. Thanks!
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    Expired Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm lens w/Olympus LH-55B Hioiod - $450

    For Sale - mint condition Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm lens. Comes with original box, lens caps, and optional Olympus LH-55B lens hood $450 shipped to CONUS.
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    Fuji Using a Fuji x10 & x100 for a wedding?

    Could I get decent results using my Fuji x10 and x100 for a wedding?
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    SONY vs. Micro 4/3

    It is good advice! I am sticking with my EP3. If the NEX7 ever comes down to earth on price, I may get one, but for now, the m43 and Fuji are enough for me. Thanks for all the input!!
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    SONY vs. Micro 4/3

    I own several Micro 4/3 cameras (EP3, EP2, GH2) and lenses (9-18, 14-45, 20, 45, 100-300). Like a lot of people I am very intrigued with the new SONY Nex 7, but availability and high price is holding me back. In the meantime, I am looking to move into SONY with the Nex 5n. What lenses would you...
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