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    Fuji Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker

    I get a lot of Flickers and Stellar’s Jays on my feeder here in Central Oregon. In the Fall I get California Jays too. The woodpeckers have been sounding like machine guns on my gutters this Spring.
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    Mountain Juniper

    Thanks. I thought it might be Smith Rock in OR.
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    Mountain Juniper

    Where was this taken? Looks a lot like where I live.
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    Bamboo in the snow

    Bamboo is very invasive.
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    There's no place like Moab.

    Thank you! If you mean the one before the B&W, that is my favorite, though it doesn’t get as many likes as the others. It’s best not viewed on a small screen.
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    There's no place like Moab.

    Thanks Phoenix!
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    There's no place like Moab.

    Spent Thanksgiving in Moab. Here are a few pictures from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.
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    Visit to the Oregon Outback

    Thanks, bluzcity.
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    Visit to the Oregon Outback

    Thank you, Bobby T.
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    Visit to the Oregon Outback

    Ever since we've lived in Bend we've heard about two places called Hole in the Ground and Crack in the Ground— a crater and a a fissure created by volcanic activity. Today we went to check them out and found ourselves in an are known as the Oregon Outback. Along the way, we traveled through the...
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    Sports Halloween Cyclocross in Bend, OR

    Nice pictures. I live in Bend, but didn't make it this year, though I have in the past.
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    Autumn in the Central Cascades

    Last Saturday (10/14) I snowshoed up the cinder cone at Mt Bachelor with my skis and Boots in/on my backpack and my X-T1 w/ 14mm 2.8 hanging from my Peak Designs clip. It had snowed 14" the night before.
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    Fuji What are you using to clean your sensors?

    Turns out my neighbor makes Dust-Aid products and gave me a full complement of their products. Will report back on the results.
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