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    Sony Sony RX100 / RX100 Mark 2

    Yes, there is some corner softness, probably more a result of the lens' curvature than anything else. You will notice it if you look for it. 99% of the time, if you don't look for it, I don't think it will be an issue. I'm very happy with the RX100 II, warts and all.
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    Sony Does NEX FF make anyone question the price of the current crop mirrorless?

    I recently bought a Panasonic GX7 and this new Sony wouldn't have changed my mind. I moved to micro four-thirds for good-enough image quality in a much smaller system. The A7 doesn't change that calculation for me. On our recent vacation, I walked around every day with my 14-45, 9-18, 20 and...
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    Latest Victim of the Wonderful US Economy...

    Sorry to hear about that. Like someone has already mentioned, start reaching out to your network of friends, family and contacts NOW. A career/job counsellor once told me that the majority of available jobs are never posted publicly. You want to get access to jobs that others don't know...
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    Show best of the month - September 2013

    september from my serious compact This photo embodies everything I've been loving about my RX100 II: Flip-out LCD to allow discreet waist-level shooting. Good dynamic range to allow lifting of shadows to recover details (boy's face). Very good high ISO performance. Fast f/1.8 aperture...
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    I read you coudln't shoot a wedding with a 35mm focal length..

    I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. While it's not true that you can't use a 35mm to shoot a wedding, it would serve you best if you avoided some of the common pitfalls of using that focal length. One of those is that the wide field of view and deep depth of field means that it's easy for...
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