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    Fuji A Strange Year and The X-10

    Like the x10, most of the best things in life are simple and easy. Good luck from here!
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    Fuji Has anyone made the switch from Micro 4/3 to a Fuji X?

    I shot OMD's for 3 years, FF for studio, and been shooting full-time on Fuji (x100 & xpro1) since last summer I haven't look back. The Jpeg's looks beautiful and the simplicity of the cameras are my main attractions. Both bodies are fairly obsolete and have plenty of quirks, but definitely...
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    Take pics at someone's wedding, unasked?

    Good friends deserve good pictures. If you enjoy shooting and does not bother hired staff (this case a solo shooter), then I see no problem. Personally I'd bring a small cam and a couple of primes for "fun".
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    Portraits are perhaps not my strong suit...

    I just saw this over at mu-43 and gave my two cents if interested. Keep shootin'!
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    Los Angeles Street Meet

    The past week I had the chance to participate in the monthly LA street meet. It is a group of various photographers - amateurs, hobbyist and protogs shooting various formats. From full frame to film to compacts - anything in between. I met up with some of the guys from the sister site...
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    Fuji Kyle Figures Out Flash

    Great start. Flash is like biking, there's only one speed and don't use the breaks!
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    Fuji Buying Xpro1 now

    I had planned on getting the xe2 (thanks to everyone here) but found a brand new (unopened!) xpro1 for $450 which I went for. Now I just need to find a good deal on the 35mm and I'm set...
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    Micro 4/3 No Love for the New Panasonic GM5?

    A gm5 with either the 20mm or the oly 17mm glued on, is really tempting as my daily shooter. I'm just waiting for the second hands to drop in price.
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    Fuji Buying a xe1 with 27mm.

    Kyle, these examples are great, thank you. I have not read much into the Bayer/X-trans sensor comparison as of yet but I can see how it renders slightly different, just unsure whether it's worth a change or not. I guess there's no better way to find out then get a 27mm and give it a try!
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    Fuji Fujifilm X-Pro1 w/ 27mm & 35mm Lenses for $950 at B&H

    Was going go get a used xe2 with the 35mm, but I can't pass on this deal. I just put my entire mu43 on CL, hopefully someone bites so I can pull the trigger on B&H!
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    The People of Shanghai's Hongqiao train station

    The other day I had a long layover at the main railway station in Shanghai, and what better way to kill time then shoot people and their surroundings. Taken with the good ol' x100. shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on Flickr shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on Flickr shanghai by Chris Ferreira, on...
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    Fuji Buying a xe1 with 27mm.

    How does the 27mm compare to the x100 mounted on a body like the xe2(or xe1)? Any IQ differences? How does the sharpness compare for example?
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    Film First roll of 35mm in a while

    Last one is brilliant. The colors look stunning!
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    Kuala Lumpur - M2 + Kodak Tmax400

    This is great! I came back from KL a couple weeks ago and after reading this post, I wish I had brought some film along. Shooting the streets of KL would've been fun indeed.
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    Fuji Buying Xpro1 now

    What does everyone think now that it's gone though some firmware updates? How does it compare to the xe2? The xpro1 and xe2 runs for practially the same around here second hand (aprox. 440 and 470 -USD) My main usage is portraits with stobes and the 35mm glued on. The OVF doesn't appeal much...
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