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    The Weekly Challenge 14-19 October.

    Technically superb atmospheric photo and a great endorsement for the X1 ( 2011's forgotten camera?). No point in trying to compete against a photo like this shinglj The Rolling Road
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    Feedback Sc images

    I'd like to suggest that instead of having images in individual forums by camera brand there is just one SC image forum site .I just feel that putting the images into "silos" detracts from the likely appreciation of all the images by all the members .At the end of the day photography is about...
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    Tx for the tip -- just tried it with a really hard push but sadly the lens has stayed firmly locked out .I like it so much I may just take it to the Canon repairer in Sydney and tell him to fix it and I'll just take the bill on the chin . I will call the travel insurance company tomorrow to...
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    Show "Graffiti"

    Montreal Graffiti My first ever weekly challenge entry . Shot on Rue St Denis ,Montreal,September 2011.Canon G9 shinglj The Rolling Road
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    Crump—that's the noise of my Canon G9 hitting concrete from waist height two weeks back . It wasn't turned on at the time and it landed face first . It was the first time I had dropped a camera in 51 years of photography and when I picked it up and found no physical external damage I thought...
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    Nikon 1 System Announced

    The Nikon marketing dept certainly had free rein on this.Small sensor ,unique lens system,high price.What exactly is the point of it ? And this ridiculous idea of distributing "sample" images at launch.They are completely meaningless. Let's hope that the forthcoming major Canon announcement is...
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    In Praise of Photobooks

    Mal . yes I was going to use the word dross but was unsure whether it was used in the US and elsewhere .Digital cameras encourage the generation of dross so you need to be disciplined to junk the dross .But a word of warning best to delete camera images when you are in the mood for it . Don't do...
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    In Praise of Photobooks

    What do you do with your photos?A pertinent question if like me over the years you have taken tens of thousands ,if not hundreds of thousands ,of photos .My first recommendation is have a good clean out . Most of us hold onto photos which are just not worth keeping .Flickr is full of them .Be...
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    America WWII on the Home Front.

    They are wonderful images and they are only still here because they were taken on Kodachrome . In my personal slide librarry taken over 50 years it's only the Kodachromes which are not showing signs of deteoriation -the Agfachromes are a magenta shadow of their former selves and the oldest...
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    Feedback Problem with photo uploading

    No -- the post went live - the pictures are the ten in my recent contribution to the X1 image thread . They are still there but they are also apparently stuck in the home box on the Upload Manager .That's the issue -I cannot use the Upload Manager again until I find a way to get rid of them ...
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    Feedback Problem with photo uploading

    Last week I posted 10 images onto the X1 images thread . I did this by uploading the photos from my iMac computer using the SC Forum's VBoard file upload manager .The 10 images took 9.64Mb . I dragged the 10 images from the"Home" box onto the "Attachments" box. Today when I went to upload more...
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    Leica Leica X1 Image Thread

    One more One image dropped off the thread above -- taken in the Place Des Vosges in Paris last month . shinglj The Rolling Road
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    Leica Leica X1 Case

    This Gariz case looks like a quality product and it is good that you can remove the battery/card without removing the case . I recently purchased a similar but much cheaper half case from Handmade half case for Leica X1 by Pacharak on Etsy It is OK but the fit around the lh side of the lens (...
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    Canon Canon Teleconverter

    I recently purchased a new Canon Teleconverter for my G9 ( it also fits the G7) for $100 off a US company on ebay . I am an old school photographer having used top end SLRs and long lenses for many years until my conversion to compacts but the results from the teleconverter really surprised me...
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    Compacts at Le Mans

    I have just returned from the 2011 Le Mans 24 hour race . I took my two serious compacts and a teleconverter with me . I have posted a few of my photos on The Rolling Road. This gear is a long way from the massive bag of bodies and lenses I used to take to the race and I really could have...
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