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    Hi Everybody!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but not really to serious compacts. I use a E-pl1 and LX5, but I hope they will soon be replaced by an X100 :biggrin: Here's my general portfolio: 500px / Sam which is all with the e-pl1. I've been watching this site for a while and I look forward to being a...
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    Expired LF: Fuji X100 Trading E-Pl1 AND 17mm f/2.8 AND white LX5 AND 14-42mmm

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for a Fuji X100 and I have a lot to trade. A Olympus E-pl1, 17mm f/2.8 lens, 14-42mm lens, and a white LX5. I'm hoping for a trade in the US but I'm willing to ship elsewhere if necessary. Thanks!
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    Fuji Should I go for the X100?

    Thanks for the recommendations everybody! I appreciate the feedback. I've been convinced an x100 is worth a shot :D And Luke, sorry, but I'm looking to see if I can trade for an x100 as opposed to buying one. Good luck selling though!
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    Fuji Should I go for the X100?

    Happy thanksgiving and thanks everybody! This is really helpful. So I'm comparing it to the e-pl1 and 17mm which lives on the camera. Is AF about on par? How bad is the "sticky aperture" problem I constantly read about? And also, I hate to say it but the pictures I've seen from the camera are...
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    Fuji Should I go for the X100?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for a new camera and I've been eyeing the X100 for a while. I have read a lot about it, but I'm just wondering what some specific reasons not to get it are from owners. I don't care at all about not being able to change lenses, 35mm is the only lens I need. I'm...
  6. Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

    Blue Sky, Green Grass Barn

  7. Sunset Barn and Pond

    Sunset Barn and Pond

  8. Sunset Barn

    Sunset Barn

  9. Sunset Path

    Sunset Path

  10. Mountains- Plane's View

    Mountains- Plane's View

  11. Plane View

    Plane View

  12. Ski Lift

    Ski Lift

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