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    Quick comparison of LX100 vs Huawei P20 Pro

    Back in January I bailed out of the SiJ because I couldn't see myself using my phablet exclusively for 29 more days. Well, we're in September and I haven't used anything else since then, lol. In the meantime I've sold my NEX-7, the Fuji stuff is gathering dust in a box somewhere and I'm pretty...
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    Fuji A return to older ways with Fujifilm X10

    The X10 has been my favorite compact camera since I got mine (shortly after it came out) but some time ago I missed a couple potentially great shots due to some erractic AF issues and haven't used it that much since.
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    SiJ 2018 - Day Six.

    Just in case ... I threw the towel after the first day. Shooting with a tablet just isn't my thing and since I won't have my PC with me for the rest of January switching to another camera doesn't make much sense either. Have fun folks!
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    SiJ 2018 - Day One.

    Happy new year, everyone! This is Jack (or Jaqueline ... not sure) but sHe's one heck of a smart turtle and a bit of a poser as well. Not bad for the old fart on the other side of the glass who's desperately trying to figure out how to use the %&?@# camera on his sillyphone.
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    SiJ '18: The line-up

    Happy new year everyone! May peace and great light be with y'all! Just for the record ... since I don't feel like travelling with my PC I'll be using my Huawei X2 tablet for the SiJ (still can't believe I wrote this).
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    SiJ '18: The line-up

    My sincerest condolences, Steve.
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    Any plans for 2018?

    Sell my Fuji stuff, move back to Sony (oh well ...), make more music, enjoy my collection of aged tea, look for a house close to the beach, buy a sailboat, ...
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    High Contrast B & W

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    Anyone game for a Single in January 2018 (SiG18) challenge?

    I'll be on the road next month ... count me in, Matt. Not sure about the gear, but most likely I'll grab something around 28mm FF equ. again, maybe on the NEX-7 or I just use my tablet.
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    Fuji X30 does Winter

    Lovely series, Tony. I was editing some of my X-Trans shots minutes before I've seen yours and yeah, can't confuse those colors with anything else out there ;)
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    NoSecond's 365 Tough Challenge

    Been pretty busy and haven't checked in in a while. Great to see you're still at it!
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