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    ah! thanks for that thread Kyteflyer! and thanks to all for the kind words really. yes, i used to be around a bit more, i'm lurking and stepping in every once in a while. and regularly checking articles on the main page too. i even did the effort of finding my password again :) i'm in a...
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    I'm thinking of starting GAS-aholics anonymous

    I thought that another way was to go straight to what i would personally consider the equipment that would brake that GAS syndrome, the leica m9 in my case. Like ... "what else would i want to shoot with after the m9"? Unfortunately, it's not the case hehe. ... I bough two other camera since...
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    Critique Wanted I don't know why I like it...

    i think it's a great photo. it's having its own imperfections, but it's transforming it in something even more perfect to our eyes. Don has explained it with meaningful words. and since you asked for feedbacks, let me add my own layer of explanation, mostly based on composition. BBS was...
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    Fuji Fuji X10 Sample Images

    thanks BB! i am definitely going towards the x10 road. will keep you informed. but i am extremely excited to give it a try!
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    Hello from a Ricoh Lover

    that's awesome, Jorge. i've already seen quite a few, but it's good seeing even more. s
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    Fuji Fuji X10 Sample Images

    many thanks for posting all these x10 shots. the more i think about it, the more i am convinced that the x10 will be my next camera. there seems to be a balance on this camera that you cannot find on other bodies. best of both worlds it seems, DSLR combined to compacts. DR looks very very...
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    Stuck in a Photographic Rut and Losing Momentum

    being a father of three, (11, 8, and 3 years old), i can definitely understand what you're going through. of course, you don't need kids to understand, as creative slowdowns can happen to anyone. but it's a fact that kids can drain your energy in a way nothing else can. and when you are down and...
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    Ricoh New series: 12 shots with the GRD4

    hey all! i am as usual, quite productive with the Ricoh GRD4 these days. here's a second series with that awesome camera. different modes and settings. All shot in the Seattle/Redmond area in the Washington state. hope you'll like them. s
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    Ricoh GRD 3 vs GRD 4 - serious money issue

    good call Ray. AF is definitely supposed to be faster on the GRD4. forgot about it.
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    Ricoh GRD 3 vs GRD 4 - serious money issue

    you still have a lot of people shooting with their GRD1, GRD2, and GRD3 models. i don't see why these cameras would appear obsolete or outdated because of the GRD4. they are all very capable, and besides, as you can see by observing the minimum amount of changes new models received in the...
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    Ricoh GRD IV Conflicted

    I don't think it's fair comparing camera with such a different sensor size. When it comes to street photography, the grd iv is the best as you're not having to lose time with thin DOF. It's just not having any. But once again, you just don't do the same type of photography with these cameras...
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    I have had 6 images invited to the Getty Images database!! Blimey!!

    Congrats! It's a great start! It also means it could continue if you post more good shots. The frustration is that you need to fill release forms each time there's a person or a recognizable piece of architecture in your submitted image. I'll admit it's a major pain. I started having a few...
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    The Fuji and Ricoh Brothers

    it's actually very useful seeing these side by side. i have been very tempted by the x10 for a main zooming compact system and this allows me to see how much bigger these guys are compared to the GRDIV thanks Landshark!
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    Ricoh GRD3 Shots

    for me the third shot is definitely the best. well composed, the opening coming from the reflection is a great features that attracts the eye. well done!
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    Ricoh Richoh GRD IV lens problem

    Don, i erased my latest batch of images from the camera so i'll check the shots i have at home. i don't want to anticipate too much on this, i was just feeling that a few things were fishy, but the camera works great though.
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