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    Fuji Security breach disclosure: Members logged in as other members

    Someone is still posting under my name.
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    Fuji So goes 2016

    My identity seems to have been hijacked here.I have been a vegetarian all of my adult life(50 years) and can't imagine eating any other way.I have also been spinyman on this site since 2013.
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    True street thread

    Hawthorne district,PortlandX-T2,35f2
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    Fuji Happy Xmas.

    Not me but sure, why not.
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    She looks so relaxed; well done.
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    Fuji Happy Christmas Everybody

    Happy Holidays to you and Yours.
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    Fuji Happy Xmas.

    Wishing everybody a very Merry Crimbo and a prosperous new year.:bravo-009::2thumbs::yahoo: This post was from Mike G not Spinyman?
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    Bike in Christmas Parade

    Just too cute. I barely got out of PDX last night a day late due to the ice storm.we got a little snow on the coast. You must have seen quite a bit of it.
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    Remembering the sacrifice.

    Thank you for the kind words,Britanica,Lazydog1.
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    Remembering the sacrifice.

    Thanks, guys.
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    Remembering the sacrifice.

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    B&W: Words/No Words

    XPro 2,Fuji 14mm.
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    Autumn Leaves

    Dave, You've been all over this country.I'm sure you"ll get around to Zion soon enough. It's possibly the most amazing place we've got in this country.
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    Autumn Leaves

    Taken a couple of days ago in Zion National Park. XPRo2,14mm
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    True street thread

    Xpro2, 35mmf1.4
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