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    The problem with new TVs

    A year old, but they exist.
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    Amazon (US) is really trying hard to lose my business

    I can get anything I want delivered within two business days for free for a flat rate fee of ~$100 a year, support my state with taxes, stream thousands of movies, if I want to, rent free books once a month ... Anything. Underwear. Chocolate chips, a dishwasher, a big screen tv, camera gear...
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    Apple Uploading from iPad to Lightroom

    Dropbox, or a similar cloud service (copy, sugar sync, amazon, google drive) are probably your best wireless way to transfer. Photosmith has some built in Dropbox functionality. As fun as it was to work with Photosmith on the ipad, I didn't find that it saved me any time in the long run. How...
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    Sony Does anyone know of a handheld stabilizer for a Sony RX100?

    Would this work? Starts around 1 min.
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    Sony N00b questions - RX1 shutter priority mode and autofocus

    I suspect it has to do with the amount of available light. You lens aperture cannot open any wider to allow more light in, so if you set your shutter speed at 1/300s and the camera will automatically adjust aperture to balance your shutter speed selection. So the camera cannot get any wider...
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    December Doodads - Day Sixteen

    Abandoned Tinsel
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    December Doodads - Day Fifteen

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    Mac Users who don't like the new Flickr format

    Sure, i've been using the beta for several weeks now. Here's the BBCode sharing instructions: Click on the share square. Click on the Thumbtack/Pushpin, select your dimensions and voila, BBCode. It doesn't say BBCode, but the pushpin implies BBCode.
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    Mac Users who don't like the new Flickr format

    Why do you think this? The BBCode option is there in the new iteration, and is so widely used, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Canon Just for grins: Canon EOS-M speed tests, and sensor compare to EP1 and X100

    While I don't love the autofocus points of the 6D, i really enjoy making images with it. Best of all, it was less than half the cost of the latest and greatest and I have an ample amount of glass to put behind it. Putting the 40mm pancake lens on the 6D makes it a pretty serious compact :smile...
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    "Taking photographs ruins the memory, research finds " ?

    OH WOW! People who were told to remember something remembered it? And people who were asked to photograph something didn't remember it as well?
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    December Doodads - Day Ten

    Red Tree
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    The new Nikon Df is beautiful

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    December Doodads - Day Nine

    Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground It's now the coldest it has been in over a decade This early into winter in central California. Much of the citrus crops are dying off weeks before they were ready to harvest, especially the tangelos, cuties and halos style mandarin oranges people love in the...
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