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    Fuji Fuji X-Pro2 FF rumor thoughts

    If the lenses have to be larger to work FF and still maintain AF, what happens to the finder being blocked? The M's have smaller lenses so FF was never an issue with finder blockage. A slight amount but not an intrusion. If a FF XP2 gets borne, the lenses will be the hardest part of the design...
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    street diversity - X100S

    Your really on it Pete.....!
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    Exposure calculation for manual mode

    Nice Paul but I hate all that new fangled stuff...
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    Fuji No serial # on xe-1

    Do you have LightRoom? The Exif you get is very detailed. If you send me a raw file, I'll load it in LR and pull the exif data and send it to you.... don
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    Fuji No serial # on xe-1

    Shoot a pic and you'll see the serial # in the Exif data. Then try to register it online with Fuji. It should work, if not....send it back.
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    Street Portraits in Toronto

    Ya did real well. The thing with photos, especially portraits is to let the viewer get into the image without interference from the title and or subject matter. That way the viewer gets the message you intended and they can discover things in their own way and pace. That first portrait is a real...
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    eclectic mix

    Nice work Pete. Really diggin yer kolor stuff..... don from da colony........
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    Fuji Fuji X-E2 available for pre-order at B&H

    Ray, thanks for this and especially the note on Flickr. Maybe I'll meet up with you when you get yours to check it out. Truthfully , the XE1 & XP1 are working very well and I have no feelings of seperation or divorce from them. I only use the cameras in M mode so with Auto ISO I get the speed...
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    Fuji New book

    Thanks fellas. I'm a little behind the times on this stuff. I'm still trying to figure out where the Tri-X goes in my XE-1. Nice book Rico and a joy to read, maybe I'll just order the analog version.
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    Fuji New book

    I should have been more specific. THe iBook version is on my iPhone. I can't get it off to put on my desktop. I thought I could get the iPhone version and then transfer it to my Mac or PC. Any ideas....? don
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    Fuji New book

    Rico, I have a question. I bought the iBook version. At this point my tired old eyes can't read to where it's close to enjoyable. I thought it would turn into a PDF and I could read it but nope.... Is there a way to get this on my Mac or PC desktop? Thanks in advance.....don
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    True street thread

    Thanks Pete.
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    True street thread

    That's part of the discovery of the image. Thanks for your comment.
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    True street thread

    Philadelphia, Pa XE-1 10-13-0066.jpg by, on Flickr 10-13-0056.jpg by, on Flickr
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Philadelphia, Pa XE-1 10-13-0056.jpg by, on Flickr 10-13-0066.jpg by, on Flickr
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