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    Alternatives to Adobe tools

    No, you just create a process recipe. Select "open with" in the recipe, and the installed NIK/Google plugins should be listed. The NIK installer installs a stand alone app, and if it sees an Adobe program will install the proper scripts for it. C1 does not use the same plugin architecture, but...
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    Alternatives to Adobe tools

    For dodging an burning, yes I Agee. The LR approach does not require much in regrading layers. Multiple sharpening does. C1 and PS gives you ten layers or more. An example would be you want light but corse sharpening followed by a heavy but fine sharpening, you can't really do that in LR but in...
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    Alternatives to Adobe tools

    Capture One does provide some features that LR does not. One feature that is provided by Photoshop and C1 is layers. Allowing for two pass sharpening, and layered dodging and burning. I use C1 with the entire NIK suite, fully integrated. You just have to get used to the C1 way of doing things...
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    Leica I want a Leica M (240)

    M240... Maybe, but certainly not until they get the color right, and production flowing. But I am going in a different direction now. I have my Monochrom, M9 & M7. The Monochrom has changed everything for me. I was really happy with my lens kit... but now I am only shooting with my newer ASPH...
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    Leica Anybody shoots without an external viewfinder?

    Here is a shot from the CV12mm, no viewfinder, no cropping, no photoshop... A bit surreal, but I like the clouds so I just couldn't correct it...
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    Leica Anybody shoots without an external viewfinder?

    Well my last trip to India was in 2008, so that would be with a M8 and a WATE. Which on a M8 the WATE is a 18/21/24mm lens... I didn't get the 12mm CV until 2010. I have it with me now in Taiwan, I'll try to post something from my Monochrom using it. But if you want a few India pics... Go to...
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    Leica Anybody shoots without an external viewfinder?

    Voightlander makes one, picked it up for about $20. Traveled all around India with it around my neck with the frankenfinder attached, works great.
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    Leica Anybody shoots without an external viewfinder?

    I only use a viewfinder when framing is critical. With practice you can pre-visualize and get your framing pretty good. Do note to reduce distortion keep your camera level... I have shot up to 12mm with out a viewfinder, but as they say practice makes perfect.
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    Leica f-stop not listed w/n EXIF data?

    All Leica M's report the estimated aperture in the manufactures notes. Lightroom, etc. copies this information to the aperture field. However in LR's case it has not been updated to include the more recent M's, they are aware of this and an update is expected. Until then, you can copy the...
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    Leica Capture one

    Well 7.1.3 is better. I noticed there was not an icc profile, and contacted support. I was told that for lens profile support their would be, but for the processing of Monochrom images the profile would most likely a dummy as there is no color to correct. Same goes for LCC profiles on a...
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    Leica Capture one

    C1 started "preliminary" support with 7.1.1. Which all that means is C1 can now read the files, not that the profiles are good or anything. In fact as of what version that is available (7.1.2) today it's pretty bad. I am hopeful that Version 7.2 might be usable.
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    Leica Introduce Yourself...

    I am a simple traveler, let this be my introduction. Currently I am living in Chengdu China.
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    Leica Compact flashes

    I have a variety of flash solutions. My travel flash is the sf24d, unless I am expecting the need for more power then I bring the sf58. If I am doing studio work, then I bring out the PocketWizards, portable umbrellas, and an odd assortment of Metz and other flashes, that picked up over time. I...
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    Leica What is your camera bag(s) for your Leica?

    My main bag is the Billingham Hadley Pro. However when I am in the minimalist mind set, it's a Billingham Hadley Digital, or for extended trips its the Billingham 703, but I really should get the 550.
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    Leica What strap for your Leica?

    I like the A&A silk cord, but I use it as a wrist strap. I coil it around my wrist a few times. I have a Barton braided on order, I am hoping that it will stretch out to be I nice shoulder strap.
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