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    Fuji Which Fuji X?

    You are comparing a FF sensor to a APS-C...
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    Fuji new forum member from Romania

    Welcome in the forum! :dance4:
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    Hayden Run Falls

    First I thought this is a tripod shot, then I read your comment! Nice!
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    Fuji Which bag/case/pouch for X10?

    Thank you Diane for the picture review! :)
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    Fuji Fuji X100S & X20 Hands-On Field Test"]
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    Looking sheepish

    Very nice picture Iansky, even some of them are posing for the shot! :)
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    Fuji X20 insurance?

    Don't live your life in fear! :) Everything is a mindset!
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    Fuji Fujifilm X20 Low-Light AF Test

    I found this video on the dpreview forum from Markus.."]
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    And some more of Venice...

    I always wanted to visit this city! Maybe later this year.. Your 4th picture is very nice! Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Footsteps (and more)

    The first one is very inspiring! :)
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    Animals The Requisite Cat (Kitty) Photo thread

    No X camera here yet! But hopefully soon!
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    Fuji Some pros think the X100S is da bomb

    I think both camera has it own advantage although he has G.A.S. attack..
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    Fuji Essential Kit for X20

    I am thinking about the Sirui T-005 or T-025 for tripod, since it is very small and can travel in a backpack..
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    Fuji Is X20 any good for street photography?

    From the early owner review what I heard some people comparing to the OMD AF speed which is crazy fast..
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