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    Landscapes in B&W

    I hope you'll enjoy this photo!
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    Landscapes in B&W

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    Landscapes in B&W

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    Animals Show Birds

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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    San Francisco Skyline during sunrise. Photographed from Tiburon, California.
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    Animals Show Birds

    Hope you'll enjoy this set. Wild, hand-held, no cropping. Double-crested Cormorant Red-tailed Hawk Black-crowned Night Heron Western Gull Brandt's Cormorant Heermann's Gull Snowy Egret
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    Animals Show Birds

    Snowy Egret
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    Fog Image Thread

    Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, California. Alcatraz Island. San Francisco, San Francisco.
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    Show "Flowers"

    Lotus Flower in side-light.
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    Dramatic B&W images

    Wonderful image with lots of interesting light and shadow play! Tony
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    Animals Show Birds

    Hope you'll enjoy this set. Black-crowned Night Heron juvenile form Double-crested Cormorant Black-crowned Night Heron adult form
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    Show "Signs"

    At a harbor in California. Black-crowned Night Heron on sign.
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    the Cemetery image thread....

    Hello, Here's a few of my favorite photos from cemeteries in California.
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    Black Foam Core Projects

    Here's a few more I hope you'll enjoy. Illuminated
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    Dramatic B&W images

    California Sea Lions
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