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    Fuji Fuji XProx and XEx not for wildlife photography?

    Wow, I was not aware of the upcoming 55-200. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled on its availability. Thanks everyone!
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    Fuji Fuji XProx and XEx not for wildlife photography?

    I guess with the availability of aftermarket adapters, we can use any long tele along with the XPro or XE1.
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    Fuji Fuji XProx and XEx not for wildlife photography?

    $ is really not the issue. It's the thought of having of lug around two different systems every time. Perhaps I should just go ahead an order an X100s. I've used an X100 before and was impressed with the pic quality but not with the slow focussing and long time it took to write the image onto...
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    Fuji Fuji XProx and XEx not for wildlife photography?

    Just wondering, the Fuji cameras should be able to take fantastic pics of wildlife/birds but there are no long tele or zoom lenses available. Would it be because the rangefinder type cameras are not traditionally used for those kinds of photography? I am a m43 user and have the 100-300 zoom for...
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    Sony Chico Buarque

    Oh man!!! If only I could have been there, too!!!
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    Fuji X-Pro 1 price revealed?

    Henry's has the pre-order price at CAN$1700.
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    Expired Panasonic LX5 leather case

    I have a used Panasonic DMW-CLX5-K leather case for sale. The case will fit the LX5 and, I believe, the LX3. CAN$75 shipped and Paypaled to Canada and CONUS. Will ship overseas but shipping charges will be extra.
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    Alternatives to Cable, Fios or Direct TV, etc.?

    I haven't had cable in almost 8 years. I've been using rabbit ears ever since ditching cable. I'm getting several HD stations and that will increase by the end of this month. Even with rabbit ears, they have to be positioned optimally or you do not get the station. I'm happy with what I have and...
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    It's a durian life...

    The food doesn't just look beautiful, it tastes heavenly, too! I'm going to have to make a trip back to Singapore next year and head to Malaysia (Penang) for, what my cousin calls it, "an eathing holiday".
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    Expired Panasonic LX5

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    After three weeks of not sleeping well...

    My grandmother had shingles a couple of years ago and it wasn't fun. I hope you'll get better soon; the sooner the better!
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    Got me a job in a camera Shop!!! Whooop Whoooop!!!

    Short-term contracts suck. Full-time employment kicks butt! Congrats. You'll have to be really strong and not spend your whole paycheque on the toys you'll be fondling on a daily basis. In my younger days, I worked part-time in a bike store and I ended up spending most of my paycheques on bike...
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    Panasonic The lure of the LX3 (and the LX5)

    The viewfinder for the LX5 is the same as that for the GF1 and GF2. It sucks but it's better than nothing. I wished I had the viewfinder to use on my LX2 when I was in travelling in S.E.Asia three or four years ago. There were days when it was so bright I had a really difficult time viewing...
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