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    Leica M Mono seriously pissed

    Man.. sorry... Back in 2009 (ish ?) I had my M8's sensor replaced... amazingly it only took 3 weeks. I dropped it off and picked it up in person.
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    Leica telephoto for M240 with RF coupling

    The rangefinder base length makes it difficult to focus telephotos beyond 135mm... you are better off with an adapted lens and focus with the EVF. Or Like some of us, use a different system.
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    Leica wrist/neck straps

    I like Riley G designworks. The thinner "Dapper" ones with their "superloops". I also have a Tapestry one but it is a little too thick for my taste.. certainly good for a heavier camera. High quality. Comfortable. Not boring. Sued underneath so it doesn't slide off my shoulders. My MM...
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    Leica New to Leica Place, but not so new to Leica.

    Welcome.. I still have my K1000 SE (brown/chrome one). Great camera.
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    Leica Showcase Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical Heliar LTM

    On the Monochrom. Works very well with it.
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    Leica Showcase Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit

    MM with 90mm Summarit. Cross posted from the MM image thread.
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    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Could you point me to a link or thread that speaks to this in more detail? I must have missed it. I just got the MM and haven't really pushed it but one "accidental" test shot (mostly blurred dark image in my living room) at ISO 10000 showed some minor banding. Haven't really shot more than...
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    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Cool! Those samples make it even more evident that I will be happy with my decision to buy a demo MM rather than continue to save for the latest and greatest.
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    Leica Showcase Leica M Monochrom

    Thanks, I'll have to try one of those out. I used to have the Leica bug-eye 135mm Elmarit and couldn't really get a sharp image out of it. Could be that it needed calibration. It didn't pack very well, so I never really used it.
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    Leica Showcase Leica M Monochrom

    Just got the monochrom and getting the hang of it... feels so familiar (M9, M8) yet produces results so different. Not exactly the sports camera but hey.. its one time to try it out until I actually get some "me" time. All shot with 90mm Summarit.
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    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Just shot a bit with it.... I absolutely love it. I think I am taking to this Monochrom even better than the M9. I'd post some photos in the image thread but the subject doesn't like photos being posted online. I am amazed how far I can push even in terrible light. Now comes the hard...
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    Leica New Leica Mono coming soon???

    Always happy to see Leica releasing new stuff (albeit wish it wasn't so expensive :p ).. especially the monochrom "concept". I'm especially happy because it presented an opportunity to buy a demo original monochrom for a good price from a local shop. Woohoo! Been saving and saving for the...
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