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    Congratulations to ...

    Great shot BB!
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    The Weekly Challenge 15 - 20 June.

    Hi, Sorry but can I put in a submission? By the time I uploaded to Flickr realised that you had closed submissions...
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    Congratulations to ...

    Congrats Christina!
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    The Weekly Challenge 8 - 13 June.

    I shot this pic yesterday morning. A flock of geese took off all of a sudden when I was walking past the creek...managed to fire a few shots and this looked the best!
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    Congratulations to:-

    Congrats Luke!
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    The Weekly Challenge 18 - 23 May.

    These sunflowers looked amazing with the early morning sun streaming through the windows. Regards, VNZ
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    Show "Flowers"

    Regards, VNZ
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    The Weekly Challenge 4 - 9 May.

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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Dewdrops in the morning...iPhone + Hipstamatic
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    The Weekly Challenge 17 - 22 Feb.

    Let me kick this off with this shot I took in the park :)..sorry for the repost
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    Congratulations to ...

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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Reposted in this week's competition :)
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    Adobe Lightroom 3 @ Adorama for $79.95 with free shipping offer ends today

    65081059 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V3 Software for Managing and Showcasing Large Volumes of Digital Images, Windows and Macintosh Compatible
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    The Weekly Challenge 3 - 8 Feb.

    Here's a turtle I shot a couple of months back:
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    Expired WITHDRAWN - FS: Silver NEX 5n with kit 18-55 zoom.

    Hi Bryan, Just sent you a PM. - VNZ
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