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    OK Im struggling a little bit..

    My advice to you would be to work on "personal project" basis. This is something I do all the time. Basically you create an end goal and work towards that goal. In this day and age on demand photobooks where you can get just one copy are a great project to work on. While this is your project...
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    Samsung Samsung's Big Ambitions

    I really think Samsung is in a great position to be a leader in compact cameras and take advantage of misteps from Canon and Nikon. Just a few short years ago at least here in North America, Samsung was not a major player in Consumer Electronics, then they started to make very good LCD monitors...
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    Micro 4/3 Is it worth it to fix a sentimental favorite? If so how much?

    I agree this is a dust issue in the lens not on the sensor since you only see it when you zoom in that means it is on the lens. If it were on the senson it would not matter what focal length the zoom was at. Do you shoot at the beach alot? If so it could also be salt deposits inside of the lens...
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    Samsung Samsung EX1/TL500, Old TLR's, candid and street photography an essay

    I agree you don't want to give off a creepy or sneaky vibe. However you can be sneaky about what you are doing and not give off any type of sneaky vibe, you just need to have confidence in what you are doing. Perhaps sneaky is not the right word, invisibility might be a better choice. I have...
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    Canon Canon S95 NB-6L Battery Prices

    FWIW I have had great luck with the cheapy batteries off of Ebay, I have found them to be even better than the real Canon ones
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    Canon how big is too big (belt case carry of S95/TL500)?

    I live in a small hick town with no camera stores so everything photographic I buy I buy online. So when I got the my EX1/TL500 I did so sight unseen. Once I got it, I went to a larger city about an hour away and took my camera into a Best Buy and tried out all of the Camera Bags they sell...
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    Samsung Samsung EX1/TL500, Old TLR's, candid and street photography an essay

    Many years ago when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, film was all we had, and disco was still cool I used to shoot quite a bit with a Minolta Autocord TLR (Twin Lens Reflex Camera). Shooting with a TLR is unlike any other type of photography you can do. Unlike with most cameras that you held up...
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    Learning how to expose properly: the basics

    Martin there is no need for it to be frustrating:biggrin: Keep things simple. Remember that exposure is just controlling the amount of light that you let into your camera, and you can only make two adjustments to control that light. The first is to adjust the iris of your lens (also called...
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    Photographic projects: organizing digitally and/or in print - blogs, albums, books?

    If you use Blurb and use the "Book Smart" software they give you it outputs a PDF so you can proof read you book before you have it printed
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    Feedback Suggestion box

    This happens on my laptop with Windows Vista and my desktop with Windows 7. It also happens with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It also does not happen on other sites that use facebook as logins. I wish now that I had orriginally not used facebook and just created a user id with the site. I may...
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    Feedback Suggestion box

    I don't know if there is anytype of setting you can do to fix this on the back end, but I log on using the facebook logon. For some reason it does not leave me logged on for very long. Often times I will write a post and by the time I hit "post" I am logged out of the board and have to hit the...
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    Photographic projects: organizing digitally and/or in print - blogs, albums, books?

    I have been a lightroom user since the first beta, I also am a big fan of using personal projects as motivation to get off my duff and shoot. I use several outlets 1.)My Blog- life in black, grey, and white where I upload a new picture everyday. They are not always works of art but it keeps...
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    Any LX-5 / Aperture users tried converting the RAW files to DNG???

    Sorry that did not work for you Ray. Another idea that I have used before is to use the crappy software that comes with the camera to batch process the RAW files with minimal adjustments to 16bit TIFF files then import into Aperture and/or Lightroom. This will save all of the data in the RAW...
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    Any LX-5 / Aperture users tried converting the RAW files to DNG???

    Ray, I don't use a Mac however I do use the Adobe DNG converter a lot for use with my older version Lightroom which does not support my EX1 files. Anyway try this Open up the DNG converter program and click on the "change preferences". It is option 4 on the Windows version. This will...
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    Canon Canon Powershot S95 and Some Thoughts About Camera Size

    Somehow I missed this thread :eek: Anyway I was in the same boat as a lot of people here looking at the S95, Samsung T500/EX1, the Sigma DP1s and others. I got the T500/EX1 and could not be happier. I had mistakingly thought the faster lens of the T500 would not be that big of a deal, I was...
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