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    Fuji New X-T10

    I tried the X-T10, and the AF is insanely quick. Only problem is that the camera felt unbalanced with my lens of choice - the 23mm lens. It wasn't really comfortable to hold on to as well, since I found it a little too 'narrow'. That's why after some testing I've decided to get an X-T1 instead :)
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Old man with 'trolley' by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Life: Ups & Downs by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    Kept them in the loop by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Portraits, any camera, any color, any subject

    Sleepy time time by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Feedback Site problem: Unable to mark forums read

    I clicked on the 'Mark Forums Read' button under the Miscellaneous menu, but got the following error: Would like some help please!
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    Film Fujifilm Instax's Are Selling Like Crazy

    Probably because of the recent festive season (Christmas -> New Year - > Valentine's) as well. The Instax is great if you want to take a snapshot and pass it to friends or loved ones for keepsakes.
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    Leica Show us your film Leica

    Hey everyone, I just got my first Leica and it's an M4 :) Leica M4 with Voigtlander 35mm Color Skopar f/2.5 by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Leica M4 or M6?

    Thanks all. I've thought about it, and I think a meter is really more important to me right now. If I ever stop relying on it I could just sell my M6 and get an M4 or even an M3. I'm a bit more concerned about the VF magnification - I have to shoot while wearing glasses, and I worry that I...
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    Leica M4 or M6?

    I would very likely just have a 35mm, and add a 50mm few years down the road. If I stay disciplined, that is. I have no plans for other lenses beyond these two. I'm actually more inclined towards the M6 right now because it has a meter, and being a newbie I might feel safer with that function...
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    Leica M4 or M6?

    Hey everyone, I managed to make some money off the buying/selling of trading cards. With this money and after selling off my Fuji X system I would have enough to get a Leica M film system, which is something that I always wanted. I've done some research, and narrowed it to between the M6TTL...
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    Black and white, or monochrome photos of people

    On the train by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Street Street photography (Image thread)

    What? by yehongxiang, on Flickr
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    Fuji New to me XE-1

    Welcome to the club! I really like my XE-1 as well, and use it extensively with the 35mm. :)
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