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    Fuji Fuji 27mm | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    PM sent.
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    Fuji Is it worth picking up an XE1?

    Yeah, you can get one in the mid-$300's here in the States. One hell of a deal. Kinda like the Panasonic G5 was about 6 months ago for excellent value.
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    Fuji Best macro solution for X-T1?

    In the $75-$100 world of macro's, the Konica Hexanon 55mm f3.5 is pretty much the same IQ as the 60mm Fuji and it has the option at least to go 1:1.
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    Fuji Another Fuji Full-Frame X camera rumor?

    If they go FF I'm sure there will be some adapter for the the existing APS-C lenses or they could pull a Sony and make the mount compatible (not a really good idea).
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    Fuji What do we expect lens prices to do after the April 5th Rebate expiration date?

    I'd be willing to bet we'll see similiar discounts on the lenses with purchase of either a XE-2 or XT-1 before summer or maybe in June at the latest.
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    Fuji Have you received your X-T1 and what do you think?

    I received mine yesterday from Vistek (Toronto) with the vertical grip for $1299+$40 shipping CAD. My order was placed with them on 2/18.
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    Fuji Zeiss Touit firmware update

    It's absolutely clear to me that both the Zeiss 12mm and Fuji 10-24mm lenses are, in fact, lenses.
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    Fuji Zeiss Touit firmware update

    Now, if the 10-24mm can be better at 12mm & f2.8, I'd be nominally impressed. :P
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    Fuji Michael Reichmann's (Luminous Landscapes) take on the X-T1

    Reichmann is the guy who doesn't like the GM-1 because it doesn't have an EVF? Mr. Reichmann does speak his mind and has a rather deterministic way to look at hardware. I like it :)
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    Stroll Strollin' at the DAM

    DAM=Denver Art Museum. Here's a decent link about the exhibit: BTW..the Fuji 23mm f1.4 is worth every penny.
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    Stroll Strollin' at the DAM

    Fun time today out of the snow/cold.
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    Amazon (US) is really trying hard to lose my business

    Well, in Amazon's case they really do not make much money....putting the $$ back into the business and trying to take over the world and all. There are so many tax loopholes, either invented by Corporations, or more often, enacted by different legislatures throughout the world that most income...
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    Amazon (US) is really trying hard to lose my business

    I buy (and sell) a lot on amazon. They're just like any other corporation, no better or worse, except that I still do not have to pay sales tax in Colorado, though that's not really a big deal. It is easier to sell on amazon than eBay as the platform is much more efficient--no Paypal to deal...
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    Fuji Are fuji lenses overpriced?

    I'd love to have a long telephoto (600mm+ eq.) zoom or prime. That would make it impossible to leave Fuji.
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