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    Most serious compact within 250 Euro budget

    Hey There, A good friend of mine wants to upgrade his compact camera and (of course) I adviced him the LX5, but that was slightly too much beyond his budget. His applications will be typical family pictures as well as movies of young kids and his wife will for sure only use iA icw out of...
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    Which waterproof compact camera can be called (most) serious?

    Already owning LX3 and K-x and on the beach in Japan, scared to use my camera's while playing with sand and water, my mother telling my daughter she can get a camera for her birthday, I thought: - Which waterproof compact camera can be called (most) serious? Probably it will be too...
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    Canon Canon releases S95

    Canon unveils PowerShot S95 premium compact: Digital Photography Review - "Small" update of S90 - TBC (e.g. how it compares with the LX5 of Panasonic) - Still with the sweet control ring and collapsable lens!!!
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    Pentax K-7 vs mu43?

    Dear All, How to compare IQ of potentially the most serious "small sensor" DSLR (with Pentax lenses) to e.g. GF1 with 14-140 mm and 45 mm F2.8? - Is the only way to try it to try/buy both myself? Note that I mainly look for out of the camera JPG (and very limited RAW manipulation), so I...
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