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    Sony Short film shot on NEX-5n: DOG SHAMAN's JOURNEY

    This winter, I debated about what new compact camera to purchase, and settled on the NEX-5n for the video mode (among other things). I'm very glad I did. Here's a short film I worked on a couple of weeks ago. It was shot and edited over the course of five days or so. The NEX-5n was a pleasure...
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    Expired Voigtlander 25mm/f4 Snapshot Skopar lens (discontunued)

    One more.... A super sharp Voigtlander 25mm/f4 Snapshot Skopar lens (screw mount). Again, a super lens, but I'm going wider to adapt to my NX-5n.... Voigtlander 25mm/f4 Snapshot Skopar
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    Expired Ricoh GV-2 mini external 28mm viewfinder

    I'm parting with my Ricoh GV-2, the sweet little 28mm viewfinder for the GR Digital cameras, among others. Here it is: Ricoh GV-2 viewfinder
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    Fuji X10 v. X100 v. GRD IV

    Here's yet another comparison question, but hopefully an interesting one. I have been a GRDII user for several years now, and am a firm supporter of this series of cameras. I don't dislike much of anything about the camera, but with a crack in the screen, and messed up focus issues, I may be...
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