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    Micro 4/3 The official I don't want the LX100 thread

    Panasonic have seriously fallen behind competitors like Ricoh, Sony, Sigma even Nikon! with the LX-100. They have forgotten the USP and why people bought the LX series in the first place. They've turned this into something I simply do not want to buy and that is a heffalump.
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    Micro 4/3 The official I don't want the LX100 thread

    LOL. That has to be sarcasm.
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    Micro 4/3 Panasonic LX100!!!! Money is flying from my credit card!

    Well noted. And like the Canon G series it can no longer be considered an Advanced "Compact". As good as it may sound on paper the fact it has now become so big has completely removed it from my shopping list. I am now almost certain to look towards Sony, Ricoh and even Nikon to replace my LX-5.
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    Sony RX100 vs LX7 on the streets of Philly

    Thanks for the review Ray this is very helpful especially to me. I have the LX5 at present and am weighting up my options on a possible replacement. I am in no hurry though. Did you also test out video abilities of both cameras? When I had the LX3 it was excellent at stills whereas I found...
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    Sony Selecting units of measurement on RX100 for manual mode?

    That's a shame. I wonder why they didn't bother with that? Are most people just shooting them in automatic mode and not making use of manual focus?
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    Sigma "bad weather" Foveon shots

    Great work Tilman! I'm quite impressed with what the Sigma can do. Where is the second photo on there taken? A lot of your other stuff is excellent as well. You certainly use some great equipment and lens and get the best out of them. A lot of the places you've shot are quite familiar to me.
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    Sony Selecting units of measurement on RX100 for manual mode?

    I'm quite impressed with the RX100 on paper, though it is very expensive. Can anyone tell me if you already own this, is it possible to choose whether you have imperial or metric measurements for UK models? And is the option also available for US/Canadian versions? When I got my Lumix LX5...
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    Panasonic DMC-LX7 Announced

    I'm a current LX5 owner, former LX3 owner and I am waiting to see what happens in the next few months. I want to see samples of LX7 and full reviews. On paper they appear to have made a step forward in some areas but on others a step back. I think they are very much treading water at the moment...
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    Would You Buy This Camera?

    Somewhere around 32mm would be nice. It depends how much thicker the body would be though. I would not go past the dimensions of the Lumix LX5 which I regard as the limit to still be classed as an Advanced Compact Camera (I do not think the LX7 is such and most of the Canon G series or the X10)...
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