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    Ricoh GR pano 7 shots (2 versions)

    The first stitch, fairly straightforward and PP done with Digikam (levels & curves and a bit of saturation, finishing up with some sharpening) Museum of Natural History, London by newmikey, on Flickr And a slightly more graphical one where I chose a different projection for the pano and then...
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    Ricoh GR does London

    1. Schoolkids at the Tate Modern Dwarfed... by newmikey, on Flickr 2. Renovations across the street What's behind window number two? by newmikey, on Flickr 3. St.Catharine's Docks by night St Katharine Docks by newmikey, on Flickr 4. 1 More Street More orange and blue by newmikey, on...
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    Ricoh London by night

    All of these are bracketed exposures tonemapped with LuminanceHDR, edited with digiKam and Gimp, sharpened with NeatImage London by night by newmikey, on Flickr London by night by newmikey, on Flickr London by night by newmikey, on Flickr London by night by newmikey, on Flickr...
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    Ricoh GR does some long exposures

    Some of these were with a Haida 10-stops ND filter. All were processed with open-source software (mostly MuminanceHDR, Digikam, ImageMagick, UFRaw and GIMP) Northsea pre-sunset by newmikey, on Flickr Mad sky color by newmikey, on Flickr Windmill in twilight by newmikey, on Flickr
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    Ricoh Architectural detals with the GR

    Every time I pick this little wonder up, the sharpness and richness of detail surprises me. It is so good that I find the results of my K-5 IIs and GR virtually indistinguishable so I often carry around the Pentax with a 50-135mm and the GR asif it were a second body with a wideangle lens.
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    Ricoh A few experiments

    Original shots: Ricoh GR, treatment GMIC smoothing
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    Ricoh I was seduced by the color red

    Never felt the need to pimp any of my cameras ever before but when I saw the red ring and leather neckstrap, I was a goner: CMG03882-Ricoh-GR-red-ISO800-2014-web by newmikey, on Flickr
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    Ricoh GR shots in HDR

    The following images were arrived at by taking a 3-shot handheld bracket with the GR and aligning and tonemapping it in LuminanceHDR, then manipulating levels & curves in Showfoto (the Digikam image editor) - as was the one B/W conversion - while noise-removal plus final sharpening was done in...
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    Ricoh Just a few snapped this week

    1. Toy Airport by newmikey, on Flickr 2. Toy Airport by newmikey, on Flickr 3. Last light across the river Inn by newmikey, on Flickr 4. Muted colors by newmikey, on Flickr
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    New Ricoh GR user from Holland

    The GR does not replace my Pentax K-5 kit but supplements it. I have been shooting Pentax DSLRs for the past 7 years, film for the 35 years before that. I specialize in land/city-scapes, architecture and close-up work. I stink at portraits or anything involving living, breathing stuff even if...
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