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  1. ajramirez

    Leica After the homewrecking incident, what to do with the shrapnel

    Makes sense. I thought you were in the US.
  2. ajramirez

    Leica After the homewrecking incident, what to do with the shrapnel

    if you are considering getting another Df, I will be putting my near mint black Df with 12,810 actuations for sale. Great camera, but since getting the Z6 it is not seeing enough use to keep. I‘ll place an ad in the Buy and Sell forum as soon as I can photograph it.
  3. ajramirez

    Daily May 31

    I like the composition and would not crop it. It is a good shot as is.
  4. ajramirez

    Daily May 31

    And so, with this photo of San Sebastián by window light, I put an end to 61 days of photos taken within the confines of my home. This was not strictly voluntary, as Puerto Rico has implemented some of the most drastic social distancing rules of this pandemic, at least in the US. Although rules...
  5. _AJR5971.jpg


    May 2020 Day 31
  6. ajramirez

    Daily May 30

    Cheers, Antonio
  7. Untitled-1.jpg


    May 2020 Day 30
  8. ajramirez

    Daily May 29

    For a nice dive watch for cheap, go Seiko. Otherwise, for a bit more money, Tudor Black Bay 58. And for quite a bit more money, Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster.
  9. ajramirez

    Daily May 29

    It’s a slippery slope. I speak from experience. Very cool Timex!
  10. ajramirez

    Daily May 29

    Cheers, Antonio
  11. Untitled-1.jpg


    May 2020 Day 29
  12. ajramirez

    Daily May 28

    Unseasonably joyful... Cheers, Antonio
  13. _AJR5868.jpg


    May 2020 Day 28
  14. ajramirez

    Daily May 27

    I think I am just about out of steam. No photo for today. This is an outtake shot on Day 23. Cheers, Antonio
  15. _AJR5763.jpg


    May 2020 Day 27
  16. ajramirez

    Daily May 26

    Cheers, Antonio
  17. _AJR5854.jpg


    May 2020 Day 26
  18. ajramirez

    Daily May 25

    Cheers, Antonio
  19. _AJR5826.jpg


    May 2020 Day 25
  20. ajramirez

    Daily May 24

    Violin pegs then. Makes sense now. Very cool! EDIT: Whoops! Wrote before seeing your Day 25 picture. Not violin pegs. Even cooler!
  21. ajramirez

    Daily May 24

    Cheers, Antonio
  22. _AJR5810.jpg


    May 2020 Day 24
  23. ajramirez

    Daily May 24

    That is an unusual headstock design. How does it work? Are all tuners installed on one side or two and two? Looking forward to the finished product. Antonio
  24. ajramirez

    Daily May 23

    Cheers, Antonio
  25. Untitled-1.jpg


    May 2020 Day 23
  26. ajramirez

    Daily May 22

    Cheers, Antonio
  27. _AJR5756.jpg


    May 2020 Day 22
  28. ajramirez

    Daily May 21

    Cheers, Antonio
  29. _AJR5748.jpg


    May 2020 Day 21
  30. ajramirez

    Daily May 20

    From last night, so please forgive the slight bending of the rules. Thought of reshooting it this morning, but it just felt silly. Cheers, Antonio
  31. _AJR5714.jpg


    May 2020 Day 20
  32. ajramirez

    Daily May 19

    Cheers, Antonio
  33. Untitled-1.jpg


    May 2020 Day 19
  34. ajramirez

    Daily May 18

    This is an outstanding photograph. Bravo Barrie!
  35. ajramirez

    Daily May 18

    Cheers, Antonio
  36. _AJR5681.jpg


    May 2020 Day 18
  37. ajramirez

    Daily May 17

    Fly, Frida, fly! Cheers, Antonio
  38. _AJR5665.jpg


    May 2020 Day 17
  39. ajramirez

    Daily May 16

    The end of the road. More Conceptual Art. :whistling: Cheers, Antonio
  40. _AJR5656.jpg


    May 2020 Day 16
  41. ajramirez

    Daily May 15

    Yes, a shot of a vinegar bottle with a fish eye lens. A metaphor of the bitterness of our current times against the beauty of better times to come... Pure Art. :) Cheers, Antonio
  42. _AJR5612.jpg


    May 2020 Day 15
  43. ajramirez

    Daily May 14

    Cheers, Antonio
  44. _AJR5598.jpg


    May 2020 Day 14
  45. ajramirez

    Daily May 14

    It's obvious to me that your instruments, in terms of fit and finish, are top notch. Very beautiful. Do they play and sound as good as they look? If they do, do you sell them? Asking for a friend... Cheers, Antonio
  46. ajramirez

    Daily May 13

    Cheers, Antonio
  47. _AJR5585.jpg


    May 2020 Day 13
  48. ajramirez

    Daily May 12

    Cheers, Antonio
  49. _AJR5574.jpg


    May 2020 Day 12
  50. ajramirez

    Daily May 11

    This is very very good!
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