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    Fuji 18mm lens quality stopped down

    Hi guys I have heard bad press about this lens being software corrected. I don't mind soft coners wide open, but does anyone have some experience shooting it stopped down? In particular, has anyone shot and/or have examples of landscapes at say f8? Cheers
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    Fuji Hey, Fuji!

    I picked up an X-E1 last week on a whim. I like my Nikon gear, but I felt I wanted something small and easy to take out everywhere. Turns out the camera has rekindled my joy of taking photos. Like the other thread here, I was procrastinating between the XPRO and XE1, but I got a really good deal...
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    Fuji confucius say...

    Fuji. How do you say it? Foo-G Foud-G Fudge-E ? :D
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