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    Samsung Samsung EX1/TL500, Old TLR's, candid and street photography an essay

    Many years ago when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, film was all we had, and disco was still cool I used to shoot quite a bit with a Minolta Autocord TLR (Twin Lens Reflex Camera). Shooting with a TLR is unlike any other type of photography you can do. Unlike with most cameras that you held up...
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    Samsung Samsung TL500 (also known as the EX1) my ongoing review (updated 10-14)

    About a month ago I was talking with my Mom and she was complaining that I don;t send her enough pics of her Grandkids. I told her I was hoping that Santa would bring me a nice compact camera I could carry with me easily so I could take more pics. Well she told me she did not want to wait that...
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    Welcome from N.W. Pennsylvania, USA

    I found this site through a Google search on Sigma DP1s cameras and it looks very nice. I have been doing photography for a long time, and have used everything from 8x10 LF gear to Holgas, to DSLRs, to rangefinders, to you name it :biggrin: Anyway in the next few weeks, I am going to get a...
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