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    Samsung Happy with my NX500

    The two command dials make it a breeze to use and it just feels good in the hand. The lack of an EVF hasn't been a problem yet. I don't use it for video. Here's a few..... This was taken in early May, about 260 miles north of my home in the burbs of Detroit. Little Traverse Bay, which opens to...
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    Move to the Light

    A sculpture...forgot the Kirk in the Hills in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Fuji XE-2, 35mm f1.4 the_light by qhs232, on Flickr Kirk_hills_statue by qhs232, on Flickr
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    Fuji Saugatuck weekend

    Spent a couple of days in a small town on the 'west coast' of Michigan. Lots of art, shops and a great beach...good weather. window_lamp by qhs232, on Flickr CB_ovalbeach3 by qhs232, on Flickr Whitehouse_morning by qhs232, on Flickr rear_flybridge by qhs232, on Flickr Golden_grasses by...
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    Fuji Old Car Festival - Greenfield Village

    Unfortunately, I just had time for a very short visit....will be back next year. I should of taken the time to get some details on each of the cars. Hundreds of vehicles made from the 1890's to 1932. XE-2 18-55mm Rolls Royce. I wish the owner had agreed to shut the door. Classis_car_RR by...
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    Forgotten Cabin in a Forest

    cabin_angle by qhs232, on Flickr cabin_rear by qhs232, on Flickr black & white or color? cabinfront_bw by qhs232, on Flickr cabinfront_color by qhs232, on Flickr through_cabin_windowBW by qhs232, on Flickr Untitled by qhs232, on Flickr
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    'Up North' with the GR

    Over the second weekend in May we went, as people in Michigan say…'up north' to the Bay Harbor area for a few days. As lower Michigan looks like a mitten, people use their palm to point out the location of different cities etc. So….our home is in the middle of the thumb pad and Bay Harbor where...
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    Completed Samsung NX20 and 18-55mm lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Samsung NX20 and 18-55mm lens Prices $275.00 Location USA Ships to USA Description I bought this as as a back up to use with my NX300, primarily because of the EVF and articulating LCD screen, but never really used...
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    Completed Samsung 50-200mm, f/4 - 5.6 ED OIS Lens | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Buy & Sell Listing - Want to SellSelling Samsung 50-200mm, f/4 - 5.6 ED OIS Lens Prices $125.00 Location USA Ships to USA Description This is a black lens with i-Function capabilities. It comes with the Samsung lens hood. Internal focusing system means...
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    Falling out of Autumn

    My only attempt at video and I currently don't have a big desire to make another. This was partially done for my English relatives….to give them a different sense of the Detroit area other than the ruin porn….
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    Lake Powell with the NX300

    These are a few photos taken with the NX300 and the 20-50mm during a trip to Lake Powell in November. When I use to live in Los Angeles my wife and I and a few friends would get there at least once a year, a little less frequently now as we are in Michigan. Its really a magical place, but you...
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    Imported from Detroit

    Hello everyone…I have been lurking around here for a few months and have found it to be a source of great information and inspiration.Like many others, I date back to the film days, and it was backpacking (a forced march, as my wife called it) in the Sierras with a backpack filled with a Mamiya...
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