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    Fuji FS: Fuji X10 with extras, USA shipping to USA

    For sale is my used X10 good condition with no issues, I've lost the paper manual but the CD is included with the PDF manual. Includes original accessories, extra battery, vented lens hood and soft release. $275 or best offer, buyer pays actual shipping costs, USA shipping only, paypal or m/o...
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    Fuji X10 and LR 4.4 B&W samples.

    Thanks Peter, I had a Fuji F20 some years ago, this is my first venture back to this brand, Fuji is really on a roll IMO. Tim
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    Fuji X10 and LR 4.4 B&W samples.

    I just picked up a used X10 a couple of weeks ago so am still learning the ropes with this camera. I haven't as yet been able to match the Fuji color in LR 4.4 in raw conversions so I'm sticking with the camera jpegs for now but for B & W I'm shooting size M DR400 and converting raw files in LR...
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    Fuji Suggestions for a P&S

    Fuji X10's are on ebay for under $500 new, shoot size M, DR 400, jpeg's and it will do what other point and shoots can only dream of IMO. Tim
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