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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    I don't know the size of the ball bearing...However, I have a leica hektor 135mm and so I'm going to try to use the ball bearing from that in the summarit and if it works, I'll take it to a camera repair shop and see if they have one. Is it the same thing with the shim....acquired from "now...
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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    Ok, reassembled, clean, and working now. Somewhere along the way, the ball bearing was lost and by tightening the ball bearing screw without the ball bearing being there, it prevented the aperture ring from turning. As soon as I loosened this screw it turned freely. This is the first lens I've...
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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    By front section, I'm assuming you mean the front element that screws in above the aperture blades. That is removed (as in the pic above) but the aperture ring still does not turn.
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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    Nothing turns in the front section......other than unscrewing of the front element. Based on the picture I just posted, can you tell me if the aperture ring should be able to turn relative to the rest of the optics mount? If yes, then its somehow jammed. Earlier on, I did not realize that the...
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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    summarit reassembled but aperture ring stuck Hi, I ended up using alcohol and a lens cleaning cloth based on advice in another thread and it worked well. The lens is free of haze now and reassembled...only problem is that I now can't turn the aperture is stuck. If I apply a lot of...
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    Leica Showcase Leica 5cm F1.5 Summarit-M

    Hi Brian. Thank you for the instructions on how to disassemble the Summarit. I am thinking about taking mine apart to remove the haze. Can you offer any advice on how to do this....I keep hearing about the surfaces being soft and the haze being hard to remove without a special solution from...
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    Fuji Fuji X-E1 killed the Nikon kit for me

    Nianys, I have only picked up a nex a few times in stores and never been taken with it. Why/how do you find the nex7 a better camera? Cheers
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    Fuji 18mm lens quality stopped down

    Thanks for the good pics Ray. It looks like good resolution to the far edges and corners, at least stopped down. Have you thought about the 14mm or are you happy with the 18? Cheers
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    Fuji confucius say...

    Foo-G too, It's a bit like the Knee-Kon, Nigh-Kon, Nick-On thing.
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    Fuji Hey, Fuji!

    Thanks guys, I am really enjoying the look of the files out of the Fuji. Agree that 5D/D800 files are exceptional, but I find slightly clinical. Perhaps they are too good? :) I find playing with the X Raw files I can get more out of them - not from a technical basis i.e noise control and...
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    Fuji 18mm lens quality stopped down

    Hi guys I have heard bad press about this lens being software corrected. I don't mind soft coners wide open, but does anyone have some experience shooting it stopped down? In particular, has anyone shot and/or have examples of landscapes at say f8? Cheers
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    Fuji Fuji XProx and XEx not for wildlife photography?

    There is a blog or post floating around the net of an xe1 or xpro used for wildlife bird shooting. The results are great. The photographer said he preferred the shots over the nikon. I couldn't imagine it would be better than using a dslr, but you could adapt a lena or wait for the 55-200 and...
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    Fuji XE1 initial comments (feel free to post your own)

    I enjoy the form factor and agree there is a special quality to the files. I see exposure change in EVF. You won't see EV+ - changes if your setting aperture AND shutter speed manually.
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    Fuji Hey, Fuji!

    I picked up an X-E1 last week on a whim. I like my Nikon gear, but I felt I wanted something small and easy to take out everywhere. Turns out the camera has rekindled my joy of taking photos. Like the other thread here, I was procrastinating between the XPRO and XE1, but I got a really good deal...
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    Fuji X1 Pro vs XE1?

    XE1, that's exactly what I just did a week ago and I'll never look back. :cool:
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    Fuji confucius say...

    Fuji. How do you say it? Foo-G Foud-G Fudge-E ? :D
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    Best photography book?

    Yeah this is good book but there are many other photography books for the photogrpahers in which all the new and latest tricks of photography is mentioned and very informative for the professional photographers specially for those who are becoming new photographers...
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    David Peat Street photographer

    Thanks for this sharing actually i just want to say you that street photographer is very best and have the latest techniques to capture the photos every photographer have it's own way of photography some of wild photographers and some of wedding and other photographers...
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    New Technique

    This is good photos and a good technique for new photographers there are more many techniques for the photographers the second last and the last one is good photo i like this and save this file in to my PC actually i am also in under of training for be a good photographer and called and...
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    Great essay: photographing a Chinese village

    This is really very good for the all photographers and very important information in this essay for the professional photographers and also for those who are in under of training for be a good photographers thanks for sharing this type of information with us...
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    Micro 4/3 Ryan Brenizer, wedding photographer, review of E-M5

    Actually now the days photography trend is become more popular and every body like to hire the photohraphers in their wedding for make pictures and this type of high level wedding is mostly handeled the most professional photographers who make the photos in widl and natural type of photos and...
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