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  1. Lensflare

    Fuji Updates

    Is V3.0 the most up to date re-program does anyone know please? Is there a way to increase the frame rate in video mode? I want to do some slow motion type video clips, so want the highest video frame rate I can set the XT2 please. Any help, because the manual is a bit skimpy on this kind of...
  2. Lensflare

    Fuji Bouncing about on the sea

    Using the XT2 in anger, as in for a paid job. The French boat builder ferried me out to the Isle d'Oloron and wined and dinned me for 4 days while I shot the factory processes, interiors and action shots on a couple of boats for them. These were taken from a small boat that had waves coming over...
  3. Lensflare

    Canal fishing

    Had a friend to stay for a couple of days. We took our dog and went to the canal to cast some lures....and I took the camera. We caught a few small pike and Tigs had a great time, but I got a few nice pictures which made me very happy.
  4. Lensflare

    Fuji More confusion, not circular ones!

    I am struggling with the XT-2. I know you have all helped greatly already and without it I tink I would have taken the camera back. It is so complicated, yet by the dials on top I thought it was going to be much simpler. Anyway, I don't know what I have done, but I cannot get either lens to...
  5. Lensflare

    Fuji Remote release options?

    Being something of a hi tech reject, there is no way I am using my phone to work the camera, how clumsy is that? Is there a remote release available that anyone knows of please? I can't find anything. When I say remote release NO WIRES, so not one of those intervalometer things. Thanks.
  6. Lensflare

    Fuji Showcase 50-140

    Having used Nikon for so many years I am still trying to get to terms with the XT2and lenses. These the D4s would have nailed with the 70-200 (same lens equivalent) at this shutter speed. I am not sure what I did wrong, the shutter was well in range for the focal length and I have only been...
  7. Lensflare

    Fuji Struggling to get my XT2 set up right

    I don't have the means to work with Fuji RAW (begining to think I should have bought another Nikon and worked on the software I already had) so I can only shoot jpegs - but the shadows are blocking up solid. True, that means the highlights are held well, but I could do with opening up the...
  8. Lensflare

    Fuji education begins.

    I have struggled. Everything on tutorials is so far advanced I cannot understand any of it. I have spent hours watching utube tutorials and 'best settings' videos and all the other there a simple, starter setup I could use just to get going please? Having got video clips, Movie...
  9. Lensflare

    Fuji Bag for XT2.

    I have been searching and searching. I can't find anything that fits the bill. I don't want anything too big, because of getting it into motorcycle pannier. XT2 with 16-55f2.8 and 50-140 f2.8. Battery grip. Now that is easy enough, the Think Tank Speed freak or Speed Demon would do it...where...
  10. Lensflare

    Fuji Fuji RAW processing?

    Is there a stand alone programme that will recognise the Fuji RAW images and process them - I have only dealt with Nikon ones up to now, and the Nikon Capture NX2 that comes with the camera processes the Nikon RAW files perfectly happily, with sliders and tools, not to the extent of photoshop...
  11. Lensflare

    Fuji Interesting battery usage on XT-2

    Using the camera body on its own of course there is only the one battery to consider. With the grip attached there is now a bank of batteries, three of them, and the difference in usable time is exponential. What I have noticed is just how those batteries are used. The left hand grip battery...
  12. Lensflare

    Fuji Just the two lenses does me.

    I wanted to go with just two zooms with pro build quality. The 16-55 and 50=140 (which was packaged with a TC1.4 that was an unexpected bonus! First proper job was a trout fishing feature the other day. The two lenses cover 95% of everything I need to cover. I was impressed with how they coped...
  13. Lensflare

    Fuji New conundrum

    I have a new conundrum for you all to chew the fat about. SD cards for the XT2. Yes, I can read the manual. Fuji require me to spend out on something like an SDXC class3 64GB card FOR EACH SLOT. I have no doubt that these are very wonderful pieces of silicon engineering indeed, but why the...
  14. Lensflare

    Fuji XT-2

    Totally new to on here and new to this X system as well. Following a big bike crash in early June on the motorway, where I lost virtually all my Nikon stuff (D4s based) because the pannier was broken off the bike and was never recovered with the bike from the scene - I know it was intact though...
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