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    SHOW "Film Cameras"

    I love the look and feel of film cameras. Show us your film cameras of all shapes and sizes and formats. Up first is one of the classic Minolta SR mounts. The XD11 with the 45mm f2 pancake.
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    Fort Ross Festival 2018

    A few photos taken at this years Fort Ross festival held in July. Yep I'm slow at getting to these. I have been a couple of times just wondering around taking the odd photo. A mix of 35mm film and digital. Fort Ross, California
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    Hi Camerades

    Hello members, I decided to join and see what happens over here. I currently shoot many cameras, digital and film and I'm looking for a place who is open to multiple formats, less gear comparisons and more photography. I used to shoot photos which had a wider appeal like landscape and travel...
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