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    Fuji Today's stupid question...

    Do the XM1 & XA1 not have exposure preview in manual mode added to the menu via firmware fix? I briefly recall thinking it had been added.
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    Fuji Ooh, now here's a question....

    Fuji x100s with 50mm adapter or xe2 with 35mm? Now I'm just curious. I have kinda already made my mind up, but until today I did not know the 50mm afapter for the x100 series even existed. What are your thoughts?
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    Fuji XE2 body only or XE1 + 18-55mm

    Finding it hard to choose as both the same price. I prefer XTrans 1 sensor, but like the idea of the improvements on the XE2 (low light AF mostly). But, I consider that's it might be better to invest in the older body with lens. Which would you choose?
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    Fuji Is it worth picking up an XE1?

    I had an XPro1 and loved it, then sold it to buy an A99. I did then buy an XM1, but found the lack of certain features a bit of a deal breaker. The XE1 can be had refurbished for under £300, is it worth it? It wouldn't be my main camera, and I presume the AF speed and IQ would be identical...
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    Fuji Kit zoom vs 35mm AF question

    Hi, I recently bought an XE1 with the zoom and find the AF so 'deliberate' that I immediately decided to return it. But, the low light performance is very impressive and given that I shoot mostly children, indoors, I presume the 35mm will perform better. Can anyone advise as to the AF of this...
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