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  1. spinyman

    Fuji Happy Xmas.

    Wishing everybody a very Merry Crimbo and a prosperous new year.:bravo-009::2thumbs::yahoo: This post was from Mike G not Spinyman?
  2. spinyman

    Remembering the sacrifice.

  3. spinyman

    The North Oregon coast

    KillRamsey's recent move to Hood River has me going back through some of my attempts at landscape photography over the last three years of my part time residency in Astoria, Oregon.I think these were all shot with the XPro 2 and the 14,27, or 35 wr.
  4. spinyman

    Dog baby at hempfest.

  5. spinyman

    Cafe Racer

    I saw this bike in Venice,CA. the other day. X100s CAFE RACER 1 by HIGH CONTRAST1, on Flickr CAFE RACER2 by HIGH CONTRAST1, on Flickr CAFE RACER3 by HIGH CONTRAST1, on Flickr CAFE RACER4 by HIGH CONTRAST1, on Flickr CAFE RACER5 by HIGH CONTRAST1, on Flickr CAFE RACER by spinyman...
  6. spinyman

    Memorial day

    The end of a really nice Memorial day in Southern California. X00s Just another sunny day in SoCal by spinyman, on Flickr
  7. spinyman

    San Diego Trolley Station

    Hung out at the station for a bit last week and took some pictures. Fuji X100s SD TROLLEY STATION) by spinyman, on Flickr ORANGE LINE by spinyman, on Flickr behind line by spinyman, on Flickr San Diego Trolley by spinyman, on Flickr iphone by spinyman, on Flickr...
  8. spinyman

    X100s Image thread

    I got my new X100s last night.I've been very excited to get it as I've been without an X since selling my X100 two weeks ago.At first I felt a bit of a letdown because it really felt like the same camera I've used for a year.It certainly looks exactly the same.However, as I've been shooting with...
  9. spinyman

    Lacma exhibits

    These are some of the LACMA modern art exhibits.Interesting and thought provoking, and usually far away from "Pretty and conventional". X100 LACMA by spinyman, on Flickr LACMA by spinyman, on Flickr LACMA by spinyman, on Flickr LACMA by spinyman, on Flickr LACMA by spinyman, on Flickr...
  10. spinyman

    Lacma kubrick exhibit

    Currently running through May is this comprehensive Kubrick Exhibit at the LA Museum of art. It is well worth an afternoon.I shot these last Sunday with my X100 at the MU-43 meetup. LACMA KUBRICK EXHIBIT by spinyman, on Flickr 02-bag (17 of 74) by spinyman, on Flickr KUBRICK'S CAMERA by...
  11. spinyman

    True street thread

    I would like to kick off a thread for my favorite topic,Street.We have many talented street shooters among us so let's see some really great shots.To begin, here are a few of mine taken with my Fuji X100. Marlboros and Sodas by spinyman, on Flickr Sunday Bar by spinyman, on Flickr...
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