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  1. ajramirez

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Please be very careful with vintage leather straps, as they may give up on you at the most inconvenient time. Sadly, I speak from personal experience. Make sure it is nice and strong, as seeing that beautiful CL hit the ground would make any grown man cry.
  2. ajramirez

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    The one piece of gear I am jonesing for is a Profoto A1. It has been superseded by the A1X, for which reason they seem to be liquidating the remaining stock. B&H has it at about half the price of the A1X with an extra two batteries to boot. It will play nicely with my B2 setup. The only thing...
  3. ajramirez

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    70-200 2.8 S Nikkor, if it does in fact come out. May end up selling my entire Nikon F system after that.
  4. ajramirez

    Your experiences with traveling light?

    I miss my M9. The M240 is a lovely camera, but there is something very special about the M9 files. Beautiful set of photos! Cheers, Antonio
  5. ajramirez

    Any plans for 2018?

    I'm all set for gear, so no new planned purchases. Hopefully, I will photograph a lot more in 2018 that I did in 2017. I have not taken a single photograph for pleasure since mid June. That had never happened before. I'm hoping SIJ 2018 will pull me out of this funk.
  6. ajramirez

    Your experiences with traveling light?

    My last two serious trips were to Paris and Barcelona respectively. For Paris, I took a Leica M with 24, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses. The 90mm never left the hotel room. I would strap the camera around my neck, one lens in a coat pocket, and another in the other pocket. No bag to carry. For...
  7. ajramirez

    Have better cameras pushed flashes out of the picture?

    It's not so much a question of flash vs. no flash, but rather of "good light" vs. "not so good light." The advantage of flash is that when properly used, you can create "good light" where there may be none. I'll give two examples. Both are interior shots (of family, taken during holiday...
  8. ajramirez

    Please find me a friend...

    Just asking to see if I could pick something up from you. I agree with you that the 70-200mm is as sweet as they come. I know, because I have one. I've read the 12-24mm is also very sweet, but my one Nikon body is full frame. This is actually a pretty nice kit. I would think hard before letting...
  9. ajramirez

    Please find me a friend...

    Good for you, Mark! What Nikon gear are you looking to unload?
  10. ajramirez

    Please find me a friend...

    Fantastic advice. These days (and for the last few years) I leave the house with a Leica body (M6TTL or M-P) or a Nikon body (FM3a or Df) and a 50mm lens. Strap it on and you barely notice it's there. I really do not need anything smaller. For travel, the Leica with 24, 35, and 50mm lenses (one...
  11. ajramirez

    Please find me a friend...

    This recommendation is absolutely spot on. A Hasselblad with a 40mm or 50mm Distagon would also do nicely. The good lab is essential if you intend to shoot color, but for B&W nothing beats the smell of fixer in your hands... Cheers, Antonio
  12. ajramirez

    Please find me a friend...

    Mark, It's GREAT to hear from you again! My recommendation is not going to be popular, but it is what has worked for me. Knowing your shooting style, I would get a Leica M Typ 240 or 262, a 24mm Elmar, a 35mm Summarit and call it a day. Find a used Olympus VF-2 (for the 240, cheap and plentiful...
  13. ajramirez

    Manual focus on digital cameras.

    Same thing happens with many AF DSLR lenses. This is the case with my Canon USM motor lenses and SW motor Nikkors. I do not know why they are designed that way.
  14. ajramirez

    A $150(US) difference between similar 35mm

    I used them both on an M9P and both worked nicely on that body. If it helps you decide, I have a very nice condition 35mm 1.4 Nokton Classic S.C. that I'd be willing to let go for $400 (it's been replaced by a Summilux ASPH). If you are interested, I can send photos. Cheers, Antonio
  15. ajramirez

    Which camera(s) do you most regret selling?

    This is the most gorgeous thing I have seen all day! What are you playing it through?
  16. ajramirez

    Which camera(s) do you most regret selling?

    True. I'm thinking I will donate the 50D to the Museum of Contemporary Art; the problem is that I really have no lenses to donate with it, and they won't have any use just for the body. I have considered picking up used 18-55mm and 10-18mm which can be had relatively cheap so that I can give...
  17. ajramirez

    Which camera(s) do you most regret selling?

    I'm not sure there's anything you would really want. What's left is as follows, in approximate order of desirability: Canon 50D, Canon Rebel T1i, Olympus E-P1, Lumix GF-3, and a couple of old Kodak and Olympus P&S cameras. Now, the list of lenses that need to be sold is getting to be quite...
  18. ajramirez

    Which camera(s) do you most regret selling?

    Come to think of it, the only digital camera I have sold was my very first one (Canon Digital Rebel), which I only kept for 9 months and still sold for a substantial money loss. Everything else has either been given away or is waiting to be given away.
  19. ajramirez

    Which camera(s) do you most regret selling?

    My Contax G system. Given how little use my film gear is getting these days it would probably be sitting in my cupboard gathering dust, but what a lovely system it was. Antonio
  20. ajramirez

    Another travel kit thread

    Last real trip I went on (a week in Paris) I shot with a Leica M9P and three lenses: 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm. I also brought a 90mm but not once did it leave the hotel room. Camera around the neck with a strap, and one lens in each coat pocket. Not worrying about a camera bag was extremely...
  21. ajramirez

    Dead Camera Thread

    Original Canon Digital Rebel (300D), my very first digital camera. Not recent shots, however. These are from a trip to Italy in 2005, which was the first time I traveled with a digital camera. Cheers, Antonio
  22. ajramirez

    Dead Camera Thread

    The thing with film cameras is that the camera may be old, but the sensor can be almost as new as the day the photo was shot. 1954 Rolleiflex 3.5 MX-EVS Naturaleza viva y muerta I by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr Puente by Antonio Ramirez, on Flickr 1977 Hasselblad 500C/M El Men by Antonio...
  23. ajramirez

    color temperature of light bulbs

    Grey card would be best, but a white piece of paper would work as well. Use it to set a custom white balance. Open the RAW file in ACR (or Lightroom) and the software will tell you the color temperature set by the camera. However, I do not think you need to go through the trouble. As David said...
  24. ajramirez

    Featured: 'pour' by pdh

  25. ajramirez

    Christmas Purchases and New Years Resolutions

    Purchases: Not sure. Depends on what ultimately happens with the M9P. Resolutions: To go on at least one really good trip this year. No travel at all during 2014, so I think we are due. Cheers, Antonio
  26. ajramirez

    Important Information Concerning the CCD Sensors of the Leica M9 / M9-P / M Monochrom / M-E

    I'll let you know in a short while. I just finished packing up my M9P and will be sending it to Leica USA later today. I have requested a quote for an upgrade to a M or M-P (Type 240) and if the quote is attractive enough, I will go for the upgrade. I have been extremely pleased with the image...
  27. ajramirez

    Top ten compact cameras for travellers

    On the last real vacation I took (to Paris last November), I took my M9 and three lenses: 24, 35, and 50. I had also brought the 90mm, but that one did not see the outside of our hotel room. Every morning, I would put one lens in a coat pocket, the second in another pocket, and the third on the...
  28. ajramirez

    Which is more important to you the feel and process of shooting or the results of the final images.

    The results, without a doubt. Otherwise, you could just sit and fondle the camera without taking any shots. However, there are certain cameras that make the process more effective, efficient or pleasurable. For the type of photography I do, the Leica M9 works perfectly. The camera is fairly...
  29. ajramirez

    What's Your "Grab and Go" Camera?

    Leica M9P and 50mm 2.8 Elmar M or 50mm 1.5 ZM C-Sonnar, depending on the mood. :smile: No need for a bag. Cheers, Antonio
  30. ajramirez

    50mm compact?

    I seriously doubt that an M mount 24mm or 25mm would work to its full potential on m4/3. I would expect smearing and color shifts at the corners, just because of how close the rear element sits in regard to the sensor. R lenses should work fine, albeit with a significant increase in size. I do...
  31. ajramirez

    Featured Forum Thread: "Greetings from Italy" by Ray Sachs

    Looking forward to the shots!
  32. ajramirez

    Recommendation for superzoom compact

    I took a look at the FZ200 review at DPR and it seems to be the most sensible recommendation, so thank you all. I do tend to agree with John that the situation has disaster written all over it. Hopefully, it will turn out okay. Thank you again! Antonio
  33. ajramirez

    Recommendation for superzoom compact

    I do not know how many of you feel this way, but every time a friend or acquaintance asks for advice on which camera to purchase, I simply cringe. Anyhow, I very recently got asked by a colleague at my firm who came to me a very specific set of requirements. He needs a camera to shoot photos...
  34. ajramirez

    A day in the city with the RX1

    Fantastic set of shots, Ray!
  35. ajramirez

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 - first impressions and low light shots

    Beautiful set of shots, Ray!
  36. ajramirez

    I guess there is no "one system" for me

    I would not necessarily describe it as magical. It simply does what it's supposed to do, with a minimum of fuss, reliably, and without being overly complicated, all the while producing beautiful results. Mind you, I felt the same way about the 20D that preceded it in my arsenal, but the extra...
  37. ajramirez

    I guess there is no "one system" for me

    The Canon 50D is the basis of my EOS system. It's also my oldest digital body. It's so good at what it does that I do not see myself replacing it anytime soon. Cheers, Antonio
  38. ajramirez

    I guess there is no "one system" for me

    I've said it before, but will repeat it again. As long as you are not being financially irresponsible (depleting the children's college fund, failing to pay your mortgage or failing to put some pennies away for a rainy day) I see no reason why anyone should feel any guilt about owning one...
  39. ajramirez

    What matters to you in a camera system?

    I like my cameras to be simple to operate, fairly compact, and available with a traditional set of primes (24, 35, 85 or 90 or equivalents). incomprehensible menus are a no-no, and direct control of focus, shutter speed and aperture are vastly preferable. Image quality must be top notch...
  40. ajramirez

    It's Official: Sony RX1 is the World's First 35mm Format Digital Serious Compact

    Looks pretty awesome to me. $450 for the OVF seems steep, but is in line with the cost of other Zeiss OVFs. You could always go for the Voigtlander metal 35mm finder, which looks quite nice, at $209. I´m not buying the RX1, but if someone gave one to me as a gift, I would not send it back! I...
  41. ajramirez

    I know it is not compact but

    Sweetness! I bet the files look amazing.
  42. ajramirez

    I know it is not compact but

    Shooting in Hawaii and brand new Canon EOS-1D X bodies. When I grow up, I want to be you. :smile: Happy shooting! Antonio
  43. ajramirez

    The Leica look - what makes it, what is it?

    This is starting to feel a bit like those discussions between audiophiles for vs those who oppose blind testing... Hard to tell from viewing on a computer monitor (especially my very poor monitor at my office) but I would have to say no to all three. I do not see the 3D quality or the...
  44. ajramirez

    The Leica look - what makes it, what is it?

    I am one of those who believe there is a certain look to photos taken with Leica lenses. Although not easily appreciable on a computer monitor, it is more evident on well made prints. Two examples from my 50mm 2.8 M Elmar: Contemplación by ramirezaponte, on Flickr En la Plaza Palmer by...
  45. ajramirez

    Do you still have a DSLR?

    This is why I keep my DSLR: Baile by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Baile by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Baile by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Baile by ramirezaponte, on Flickr These are from a modern dance performance at the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art. Dim stage lighting...
  46. ajramirez

    Serious Compacts Podcast 6: Jono Slack and the Latest from Leica (Berlin Event)

    Excellent, as usual. Thank you so much, Amin! Cheers, Antonio
  47. ajramirez

    More "too late" questions

    They were hand held, but the light was very good, so if I remember correctly I used a fairly high shutter speed. In addition, the subjects were not moving very quickly, if at all. The rhino, lion and owl were certainly not going anywhere fast. The peacock was gracefully walking around, but...
  48. ajramirez

    More "too late" questions

    I actually have one. The nFD version. It's fairly compact and light for a 135mm. I've used mine with a m4/3 adapter, which turns it into a 270mm equivalent lens. This is what I have done with it: Zoo by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Zoo by ramirezaponte, on Flickr Zoo by ramirezaponte...
  49. ajramirez

    APS sensors vs. m4/3?

    I use both, but mostly m4/3 because of the size of the cameras and lenses. I do not pixel peep, and have found that the IQ of m4/3 is good enough for me. At this point, I am only using my DSLRs when I need to use flash, or when taking photos for someone else. Otherwise, all of my personal...
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