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  1. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

  2. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 116

    Driving today with some essentials, face masks, cash, and sunglasses (in the case)
  3. donlaw

    Fuji New Fuji camera?

    Good point. Since I got out of the Fuji system after the Xpro1 and X100s, they have released a dizzying array of cameras. I would be interested if they released a FF fixed focal length offering to undercut the cost of a Leica Q.
  4. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

  5. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 115

    These Snowy Egrets feed in the wet lands around here.
  6. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 114

    Here along the Texas gulf coast we are being visited by tropical storm Beta (this year the Atlantic has already run through the whole alphabet for storms, and has started on greek alphabet. The season goes on until November) Although we had about 11" or 28cm in the last 24 hours, the result was...
  7. donlaw

    Challenge! [WINNER Announced] Cameraderie Photo Challenge #37: Windows

    Miguel, great to see you back. Hope that the city comes together to rebuild from the fires soon. Nice challenge with outstanding submissions from all. Congrats Akuiper! That is a intriguing image. To answer your questions about my photo, it is an atrium in Texas Children Hospital Pavillon for...
  8. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 113

    Pluto the dog, not the non-planet
  9. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 112

  10. donlaw

    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    formatted and cropped and tweaked.
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    Challenge! Day to Day 111

  12. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 110

    High Clouds with late evening sun
  13. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 109

    New exit ramp contruction
  14. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

  15. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 106

    Heat roasted landscape
  16. donlaw

    Personal Top Ten Cameras?

    I have had too many to pick from. So my list is limited to ones I would describe as highlights. 1. Nikkormat FTN - first good film camera. Got it in high school and definitely one of the most influential. Still have one. 2. Nikon FE - my second of many Nikon film cameras and my first AE camera...
  17. donlaw

    Still standing: a report from one of the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest

    Wow Miguel, that is a very moving account. So glad that both you and that house, which has been around for over a century, escaped. Although I expect the experience will remain in mind for a long time with so much loss around. When we evacuated during Hurricane Harvey a few years ago, I did grab...
  18. donlaw

    Canon Covid response . . . or visual satire . . . you decide

    Prevention taken to the extreme. Fit is good for today's world.
  19. donlaw

    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Halted development due to pandemic. With super low budget signage.
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    Philosophy How Often Do You "See" Your Vision Change Regarding Your Photos?

    One of my coworkers/friends said it best during a business trip few years back. After he saw me taking a photo of a taxi outside a hotel he said “you will take a photo of anything”. So true. Besides family documentation, I rarely followed a particular style or even consistent subject matter. I...
  21. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 101

    MRI shows torn cartilage in rt. knee! Has my bike hanging up for a while. :boohoo: Arthroscopic repair coming up in a couple weeks...
  22. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

  23. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 100

    Nothing to say about this
  24. donlaw

    One colour: Red

  25. donlaw

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    Chimp relaxing at the zoo today
  26. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 99

    First trip to the zoo in many years. They open only by appointment with limited attendance allowed. Plus heavy rain showers kept the numbers down today. Saw the meerkat on my way towards the exit.
  27. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

  28. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 98

    Shadow on wood
  29. donlaw

    Micro 4/3 Micro 4/3 samples

    In camera double exp.
  30. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 97

    3rd on the 5th
  31. donlaw

    B&W: Words/No Words

    in Camera double exposure
  32. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 96

    Mood reflect
  33. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 95

    Satellite Dish near a demolished building
  34. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 94

    Visitor trying a disguise
  35. donlaw

    Challenge! Day to Day 93

    Fat Root
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