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  1. William Lewis

    Near Autumn, B&W Edition

    Puttering with Capture One Nikon.
  2. William Lewis

    Nearing Autumn

    First frost last night. Not a killing hard frost, not yet. But the colors are changing and the geese form up in their Vs to head further south.
  3. William Lewis

    Nikon Fun with a 45/2.8 AI P

    Have a new lens to work out and went out to do so. Hint of cool in the air, frost warning for tonight, the birches are mostly changed already and the maples have begun.
  4. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    What I really want, I guess is a digital Barnack and the CL seemed like an actual Leica branded way to do it, perhaps better than the E-PL1 I have now for that purpose. It looks like this isn't really the best way to approach it. So, the search continues ... APS-C, built in VF, cheap and higher...
  5. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    I have a soft spot for screw mount Leica lenses so that's my main driver.
  6. William Lewis

    Leica Digital CL with adapted lenses?

    I was pondering today if the digial CL would work well with old LTM lenses via stacked adaptors? LTM -> M -> L ? Anyone tried this? I'm still trying to find a digital equal to my old IIIf and Summitar. I love my Nikons but miss a certain something about Leica.
  7. William Lewis

    Found this earlier tonight...

    It came up at a different website, for a different reason. But still, I have a tiny handful of photos that I know exactly where and when they were made and with which cameras and lenses. They are the exceptions as most blur into the nothingness of memory. But those ones I do? Thank you, god...
  8. William Lewis

    Personal Top Ten Cameras?

    Inspired by today's post at The Online Photographer... No particular order, but close to chronological. 1) Canon AE-1P - first camera owned bought at the px 2) Yashica-Mat 124 - non-G, flea market camera 3) Yashica Electro 35 GSN - another flea market gem. hatteries were a pain 4) Canon IVSb -...
  9. William Lewis

    Nikon Just Df things, seen by M shooter

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm a young Nikon shooter and _I_ can give you an off the cuff list of at least 10 "Must Haves". Those will be the same as you'd hear BrianS tell you to buy. Then I'll tell you the OTHER 10 "Must Haves" as far as I am concerned and the odds are none of them will be on his...
  10. William Lewis

    Afternoon drive home

    More Northern Wisconsin imagery. Coming back from an errand, I took the long way home. I dearly love the Nikkor O 35/2 but I think I need a lens hood this time of day... Thanks for looking!
  11. William Lewis


    Winter to summer. Perhaps I should add spring and fall?
  12. William Lewis

    Our Security Guard

    We have a stuffed bear in our lobby. I often joke that she’s our security guard. Well, we have to keep her healthy too! But, she just can't seem to follow the directions as you’ll notice her nose…
  13. William Lewis

    A Drive Through the Woods - Photographs of Northern Wisconsin.

    Been crazy busy with work at the hotel and that left me rather exhausted. After feeling really poorly the night before, I got some rest and found a better day. I took a nice long drive down a bunch of fire roads in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Here’s a few images from a few hours...
  14. William Lewis

    Northern Wisconsin Summertime

    Just a couple of shots that I finally had a chance to get out after a bit of cray cray time :) Hope you like them.
  15. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 37

    A new usual suspect? Much lower waterflow than the last time I was there.
  16. William Lewis

    Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 5

    I left for work early because I was hot and there was air conditioning there. I also planned to do some early morning shooting today out the back door but that didn't happen. OTOH, on the way to work I got a bit of practical testing of just how far after sundown I can get good images with my...
  17. William Lewis

    The Single Most Important Issue in Modern Photography

    I have never owned a camera with a moving screen. I wonder if the "fully articulated" ones are actually articulated enough to flip them around to hide the display so I wouldn't have to look at them? I'd actually prefer no screen except for menus and settings - I almost never view images on...
  18. William Lewis

    Single In For the keen and relentless: Single in July 2020

    Sorry forgot to mention that I was in on this one. D7100 and 35/2 (50e on APS-C).
  19. William Lewis

    Leica Showcase KMZ 3.5cm F2.8 Jupiter-12 in LTM

    Nice. I've had a couple of good J-12's over the years. The best was a mid 50's one for Kiev (gee, surprise there!) but I had good LTM ones too. I should budget one in for my Canon 7 someday (I had a black one that fit in the past).
  20. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 32

    Been cray-cray busy last few days. Went out to breakfast for the first time since Corona. Crowded and no masking. All it would take up here in northern Wisconsin is a single Corona Mary and we'd be [expletive deleted].
  21. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 30

    Wow, that's beautiful. I would love to afford such an instrument, but I'll just have to stick to playing cowboy chords badly on my Epiphone Casino Coupe.
  22. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 30

    Two things: bummer thst it is closed and look at the depth... the crew that installed it didn't really get the metric system. The two tiles are reversed from what they should be.
  23. William Lewis

    News Olympus Sells Imaging Division

    I kept waiting for the second generation of the Pen F to come out so that the first gen would drop in price to a level I could afford. I finally got tired of waiting and shifted to Nikon.
  24. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 27

    Bought a beat to bleep rifle back in November of 2011. Been working on it off and on ever since. Till today; I've finished finishing :laugh1: it.
  25. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 26

    Right outside my door, in a busted planter, grow pretty weeds...
  26. William Lewis

    News Olympus Sells Imaging Division

    The problem I had in the end with Olympus was cost/performance. I had a nice Pen E-P3 and some good lenses but they were long in the tooth and the Pen F I wanted was way too much money. In the end, last fall, I sold almost all of my m4/3 kit (one body for adapted LTM lenses left) and bought a...
  27. William Lewis

    News Olympus Sells Imaging Division

    This is why I don't worry too much - Remember Sony Vaio? This is the company that bought them and Well, VAIO | Experience VAIO TruePerformance Maybe we'll get a Pen F Mk II now? Well, I can hope!
  28. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 22

    Got my lens in today's mail so I thought an updated manual focus F mount family portrait might be fun.
  29. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 21

    Safety shot, still life with stuff on the porch... :laugh1: Tracking says my new-to-me Nikkor N 24/2.8 should be here tomorrow though!
  30. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 20

    I keep thinking I should read all of the Discworld books, but of late I got hooked by the Dresden Files and then reread the Vorkosigan Saga again.
  31. William Lewis

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Acquisitions Big and Small

    Ordered the last of the Nikkor Manual Focus lenses I've been wanting - an AI Converted Nikkor N 24/2.8 that will be a nice 35 eq on my D7100. Just trying to decide if I want to stay with Capture One Express or pay for the Pro version and then, rent or own? Hmm...
  32. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 18

    I prefer to explore the results of organic chemistry - such as in the plants that grow out of it :drinks:
  33. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 17

    I have been having a lot of trouble with that lately...:dash2:
  34. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 16

    I have certain places, I call them "usual suspects" from Casablanca, that I photograph often. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to print all of the images of this barn and make a show of just them? The cows, on the other hand, prefer the nice fresh grass while the years first crop of hay...
  35. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 13

    Yes, it's a manual focus lens (Leica thread mount from the Former Soviet Union.) I use f16 & hyperfocal focus to keep from going insane on that tiny screen. I may have to buy another VF3 just for it :doh:
  36. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 13

    Missed a couple of days but got a chance to try out the Industar 22 on my Olympus E-PL1. My old VF3 has bitten the dust so I have to use the back screen chimping style & I really don't like that. I do, however, like the rendition of this little 50/3.5 lens. You can almost tell there are a huge...
  37. William Lewis

    Nikon Spots?

    Hrm. Got a cleaning kit. Followed the instructions and did the cleaning process twice (once dry swab, once wet) but I still have that spot there. This is getting annoying. Sigh.
  38. William Lewis

    Challenge! Day to Day 11

    Lousy weather and annoying work hours. Still finally got the lens I'd been waiting on from Ukraine. Perhaps in a day or two I'll have some samples :2thumbs:
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