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  1. Les Klein

    Nature Trees

    P1180286 by kleles, on Flickr
  2. Les Klein

    It's been 10 good years but it's time to bid farewell.

    I trust that you are being well followed, medically. I look forward to your visits here whatever their frequency. All the best to you, despite a not-so-great situation.
  3. Les Klein

    Nature Trees

    Logs on a Wire.
  4. Les Klein

    Nature Trees

  5. Les Klein

    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    I can’t say ‘don’t get me started’—it’s too late. Sunsets, clouds, sky shots are among my favourite subjects. I won’t flood Cameraderie with my pics, but here is one more.
  6. Les Klein

    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Taken many years ago with my FZ20. Still one of my favourites.
  7. Les Klein

    SHOW Lighthouses

    If it’s an upright cylinder with a light on top, in a harbour, it’s a lighthouse, right?
  8. Les Klein

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #26: Overlooked

    Learning about DoF with ‘new’ camera.
  9. Les Klein

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    2002 Panasonic Lumix FZ20. My first digital camera after a one year photography hiatus after my (film) Nikon FM developed a light leak. It is fully functional, as are the two batteries I have for it. The batteries don’t hold their charge very long.
  10. Les Klein

    Show ships - vessels - boats - yachts - submarines - whatever ...

    Senj TG-427 by kleles, on Flickr
  11. Les Klein

    Show 'Insect'

    Bee by kleles, on Flickr
  12. Les Klein

    Fall colors

    The southern and central Maine and New Hampshire mountains were resplendent with autumn colours. As we travelled west and north more trees were bare and gave a grey, velvety sense to the scenery. The post-peak fall foliage is well represented in these shots taken at Crawford Notch, NH.
  13. Les Klein

    Beach/Ocean: Lets see yours.

    A clear night and rising almost-full moon drew me to Wells Beach to capture a ‘few' images. Being a landlubber and city dweller, I rarely see a well defined horizon, certainly nothing like the ocean’s. The first image was shot about 30 seconds after the moon’s first emergence, and the second...
  14. Les Klein

    Beach/Ocean: Lets see yours.

    We go to southern Maine coast about once a year. It’s the same place but always different. Ogunquit Beach is at the southern end of a ‘peninsula’ with the Ogunquit river to the east and the Atlantic on the west side. The interaction of the the river current and tides transforms the beach...
  15. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread

    We recently returned from a trip to Croatia and Slovenia with brief visits to other countries. Lake Bled in Slovenia is a picture perfect setting, almost Disney-esque. Here is a picture of the castle with low lying clouds. Bled Castle Night Clouds by kleles, on Flickr
  16. Les Klein

    News Security researcher shows digital cameras susceptible to remote malware attacks

    I wouldn’t want my pacemaker (if I had one) WiFi connectable!
  17. Les Klein

    ACDSee Anyone?

    I had used ACDSee on my Windows machine many years ago. I didn’t know there is a Mac version.
  18. Les Klein

    Nature Trees

    Mighty Dorothy, our Crimson Maple, is always late in budding. Here’s another picture of our beautiful tree. Crimson Maple leaves budding by kleles, on Flickr
  19. Les Klein

    Stroll Not Your Average Suburban Strip-mall Bank Branch

    In the 19th Century the Old Port area of Montreal was the financial hub of the city and Canada. The Bank of Montreal constructed many branches that are now designated as historical buildings/sites. Here’s a picture of the main branch in Montreal.
  20. Les Klein

    Film For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home....

    OH. That looks interesting. I’m also going to explore the Apple store for a Mac compatible app. Thanks
  21. Les Klein

    Film For those who still shoot film and want to develop at home....

    This looks like great chemistry and an easy process. For me, though, it's three decades too late! I would have tried it when my B&W darkroom was still operational. OTH I still have a developing tank and reels, and I’m still curious, and ... … What am I going to do with negatives in the digital...
  22. Les Klein

    Spring Flowers

    Crocuses have returned by kleles, on Flickr
  23. Les Klein

    Lone Trees - Color

    There has to be a story about this road tree!
  24. Les Klein

    What's your creative type? Adobe launches quiz to analyze you.

    Producer here. One step above astrology!
  25. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread

    Early Spring in Bois de Liesse. Most of our urban snow has melted but in the woods the ground is snow/ice covered with pools of runoff partially frozen from the overnight dip below 0℃. Early Spring by kleles, on Flickr Skyward by kleles, on Flickr
  26. Les Klein

    What's your oldest "living" digital camera?

    Lumix FZ-20, purchased 2002. Check out my latest pics, search “Ecomuseum.”
  27. Les Klein

    Show "Shadow"

    Selfie taken while driving NE through Saskatchewan just before sunset.
  28. Les Klein

    Zoo Ecomuseum (Montreal)

    The Ecomuseum wolves are identified as Grey Wolves. According to Wikipedia it is the largest canine.
  29. Les Klein

    Zoo Ecomuseum (Montreal)

    I am at that zoo about twice a year — driven by my grandchildren’s requests. I left my LX100 at home and decided to take the FZ20 because of its longer zoom range and despite its minimal chip size. I was reminded that in daylight and relatively stationary subjects, the camera performs quite...
  30. Les Klein

    Zoo Ecomuseum (Montreal)

    I brought my old camera friend, Lumix FZ20, to the Ecomuseum. This zoo began as a wild animal rescue and rehabilitation project for animals indigenous to the Laurentian mountains and St. Lawrence Valley regions in Quebec. It now has an extensive collection of fauna in protected areas. Have a...
  31. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Who needs willpower!

  32. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread
  33. Les Klein

    Nature Trees

    Return to Bois de Liesse after a 40 cm (15”) snowfall. What the photos don’t capture is the cracking of the trunks as the wind whiped through the forest. Bois de Liesse 2019 by kleles, on Flickr Bois de Liesse 2019 by kleles, on Flickr
  34. Les Klein

    Feedback Nice bright look at new site

    I’ve switched to Medium Theme (wasn’t available when initially I selected). It’s my fav for now.
  35. Les Klein

    Feedback Nice bright look at new site

    I like the dark theme; it seems to allow the content to predominate. I’m not a fan of sans-serif fonts but it’s clearly legible. At least this font differentiates between a lower case l and an upper case I. Number 1 is distinct as well. Number 0, capital O. The weight of the font is heavy -...
  36. Les Klein

    Nature is cold

    Absolutely true about us Canadians. And this school decided to expand its facility by building temporary classrooms:
  37. Les Klein

    Words/No Words: Color landscapes

    Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island
  38. Les Klein


    Franz Liszt
  39. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread

    So tempting . . . What would happen if I did push it down?
  40. Les Klein

    Film Minolta Medium Format

    re: darkroom equipment. I’m packing mine up to be sold or given away. There are two unfortunate aspects. One is that I live in Montreal and the shipping costs to you would be prohibitive. The other is that I only worked with 35mm negs. The required enlarger and lens for medium format (120 or 220...
  41. Les Klein

    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    Taken years ago and several cameras ago, this is one of my favourite sunset shots. Taken while camping in the Adirondack mountains in northern New York State.
  42. Les Klein

    The End - endless longing

    I’m in the midst of sorting old photos of mine, some 45 years old. Seeing my father, who died 18 years ago, in many of the pictures is bitter-sweet and valuable. His photography interest was home movies, and they’re great to watch (I had many of them transferred to DVDs). Our pasts sustain us...
  43. Les Klein

    Contemplating my future

    I’ve been retired for eight years and a photography enthusiast almost my entire life. My advice: What does the world need more: wedding/portrait photographers or aviation safety experts? Unless you don’t like your profession (perhaps “… I’ve long been ready for a new chapter in my life,” means...
  44. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Talk me out of the LX 100 ii (or D-Lux 7)

    Reading about your dilemma is interesting to me because your concerns are the same as mine. But my perspective is that of current LX100 user. What would I buy if my LX100 died? It would be an exercise of entwined constraints: 1. budget, 2. portability, 3. susceptibility to Lens Envy (a special...
  45. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic LX100 I/II picture thread

    Back to "Butterflies in Flight” at the Canadian Museum of Nature, one of my grandchildren’s favourite outings. In this small, warm and humid environment, hundreds of butterflies fly about and alight on anything, including people. P1130134 by kleles, on Flickr P1130125 by kleles, on Flickr...
  46. Les Klein

    Lone Trees - Color

    As suggested, here’s a thread for Lone Trees - Colour, and a relevant image: P1110717 by kleles, on Flickr
  47. Les Klein

    Micro 4/3 LX100 and the Night Sky

    The crescent moon hung low and bright over my street. Hauled out the tripod and grabbed a few images.
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