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    Sony Picture in Picture...

    I was taking a photo of my daughter in her church during the wedding, when unknowningly someone (official photographer) took THIS photo and renders it in B&W!!
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    Micro 4/3 E & O Hotel sea front ( Penang )

    Here is a photo I took during sunset at E & O hotel seafront:- taken using LX5...
  3. E_O_seafront1_cr


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    The Pub now asking for photo-ID.

    Family Photo This is my family photo from a vacation last year. You can see two cameras here, the GF1 and Canon 450D. The Olympus EPL1 with the 14-150 lens is taking the photo!
  5. Family picture

    Family picture

    This is my family photo from my vacation Last december Me is at the right hand side, with the camera pouch, the camera with my daughter is the GF1, my other daughter ( in orange ) has the Canon 450D. Of course the camera that is taking the photo is on a tripod ( Olympus EPL1 with 14-150...
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    Here you go...taken during Dec 2010...
  7. Port Dickson Beach front

    Port Dickson Beach front

    Photo taken during my vacation.
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    Hi! My name is Robert, I am from penang Malaysia. I have 2 micro4/3 body with some lenses, thinking that the bodies and lens will be small but instead found them a bit large so aim now using a lx5 for carrying around.:rolleyes: I have a gf1 and epl1 when i am on holiday and now a lx5 for...
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    Panasonic Strange behaviour with Panasonic LX-5

    Thanks for confirming that there are 2 version of the LX-5, the first being the requirement to switch off, take off the cap then switch it on, the second being take of the cap and press any button to continue. I am going to check out those caps that is auto, ie push out the cap, and close back...
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    Panasonic Strange behaviour with Panasonic LX-5

    Looks like I have an older version, which prompt me to switch off the camera then switch on. A recent one shows me to take off the cover, then hit any button to continue.
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    Panasonic Strange behaviour with Panasonic LX-5

    I have the LX-5, and as expected, I have switch on the camera with the lens cap on, and sure enough, the message on the back of the screen says to switch off first take off the cap then switch on the camera. I have access to another LX-5, and I find that when I switch the camera on with the...
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