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  1. Les Klein

    Stroll Not Your Average Suburban Strip-mall Bank Branch

    In the 19th Century the Old Port area of Montreal was the financial hub of the city and Canada. The Bank of Montreal constructed many branches that are now designated as historical buildings/sites. Here’s a picture of the main branch in Montreal.
  2. Les Klein

    Zoo Ecomuseum (Montreal)

    I brought my old camera friend, Lumix FZ20, to the Ecomuseum. This zoo began as a wild animal rescue and rehabilitation project for animals indigenous to the Laurentian mountains and St. Lawrence Valley regions in Quebec. It now has an extensive collection of fauna in protected areas. Have a...
  3. Les Klein

    “Reality”, (camera), Eye, Brain

    The sequence of image processing is complex. Setting aside all theories about the nature of ‘reality’, we use our cameras to intercede or substitute our eyes. What we see (directly or through a camera image) is the product of neural processing in our eyes and brain. Visual illusions (and some...
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