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    Completed For Trade: Free to good home... | Location: AUS | Ships: AUS

    I’m interested. Where are you based?
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    Show Clouds Sunrise/Sunset

    A few from the Gippsland lakes
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    Beach/Ocean: Lets see yours.

    The beaches here can be: Bright and happy Angry Moody and mysterious But are mostly happy places to be
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    This dog originally bred for farm work brings an intense work ethic to beach play
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    My Mother's younger Golden Retriever after a dip in the icy waters of Melbourne's winter
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    My Mother's old Golden Retriever having a quite moment
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    Recommendation for a single camera bag for carrying both a Ricoh GR and a Sigma DP3

    Try the Bare Bones Bag Evolution. It works for me & can carry an iPad too.
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    Fuji A question about x100

    I'd suggest you switch to manual mode then focus using the AFL-AEL button. Used this way, it's very capable of taking great close up shots. Cheers
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    Completed Ricoh GR + | Location: Australia | Ships: Worldwide

    Mark If Pete doesn't want it, I'll go $535 posted to Melbourne. Damon
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    Fuji The End of an Era: Blog Post

    John An excellent post. Unfortunately, bad management of good core assets (including people & culture) is a problem we also have here in Australia. What works on a spreadsheet doesn't always translate on the ground. You have many strings to your personal bow & I'm sure that you'll bounce back...
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    W/NW Color Portraits

    My favourite photo of my wife Taken in Nov 2012. My wife had shaved her head as her hair started to fall out as a result of chemotherapy. This photo was taken the day her head was shaved & the smile is real - I'm still in awe of how positive she has been through the ordeal of cancer. As of...
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    Fuji Does the Fuji 55/200 do fast sport?........betcha sweet nippy it does.

    Good old Collingwood for ever .... Lots of Jamie Elliot action - taken late in the game?
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    I spent the day in an Asylum... a real one (LAST PICS ADDED)

    Thank you for sharing these images. I find them beautiful & inspiring. Can I ask what lens did you use?
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    Fuji We're just not bonding...

    "The only thing that is a tiny bit frustrating is switching to macro through the menu. Wish there was a switch on the lens or camera for that." Left hand flicks the focus selection switch up to MF, the right thumb presses AFL AEF & it auto focuses nice & close.
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    another recommendedation thread

    Hi Dave My wife stole my S100 and often takes photos that makes me envious despite the technical superiority of the cameras she hasn't claimed (yet). In the hands of anyone with an eye for composition, as S100/S110 is an awesome choice. Cheers
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    Whats the "Green Hell ?

    While I'm inclined to say its a plate full of Brussel Sprouts it could also refer to the Nürburgring ring.
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    Nikon The P7700 in Venice - an user review!

    Beautiful photos. I had one of these for a week as part of a CNET Australia user review. I was very impressed with what a well balanced camera this is. It does take great pictures and it was very easy to write a positive (if consumer oriented) review. If you're interested, here's the link...
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