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    Fuji Vg-xt1

    Hi everybody, does someone know if the vertical grip for the X-T1 NEEDS a separate accu or is a second NP W126 is just "nice to have"? Means can you pull out the one from the body to put it in the grip or do you need 2 accus?
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    Fuji Profile pic

    Hi, maybe I am blind or too stupid but: where/how can I attach a profile pic? Some of you have one. Cheers, iFraky
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    Fuji Hyper Sync possible?

    Hi, I am relatively new at Fujifilm, coming from CANON DSLR (1D X). I am asking myself what solution Fuji has regarding to flash hyper sync? Does it work? What flash can you recommend? Pocket Wizard seems not to support it. Cheers, iFranky
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