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    Expired Fuji X100

    SOLD After discussing the purchase of the new Sony RX100 with my wife (she needs a camera that she can figure out) I have been informed that I must sell this one before I can buy the other. It pains me to do this but my better half has been very tolerant of my past purchases so I think it's...
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    The Eyes Have It

    This is a small compilation of my grandsons eyes. I was bored yesterday and went through my entire collection of him and picked what I thought were decent sets of eyes. He is almost three now and these pretty evenly track his growing up. They were taken with a Canon Rebel, an Olympus EPL1 and my...
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    Fuji Understanding my shutter speeds....

    I know that according to the manual, 1/4000 and 1/2000 should not be available at f/2. Just for fun I took these three pics. The first is at 1/1000, then 1/2000 and finally 1/4000. All were at f/2 with ISO set to 200. Without worrying about the exposure of each shot, I wanted to see what the...
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    Fuji X100 at 37000 feet

    Over the Caribbean. In some you can see the engine bottom left. These are untouched OOC JPEGs
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    Fuji Inconsistent Aperture

    Seem that the dreaded sticky blades is starting to affect me. I only noticed this yesterday and it is happening maybe once in every 8-10 shots. I emailed Fuji Canada, awaiting a reply. These are both supposed to be f/16 These are both f/11 Finally both of these are f/8
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    Fuji More Iceland

    I can't get over the stunning scenery in Iceland. Fall colors were everywhere. I think the X100 did a great job with these!
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    Fuji X100 Goes To Church

    Took these during a recent vacation to Iceland.
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    Fuji 52mm Adaptor

    Without consideration of a lens hood, would the lens cap provided fit on this adapter if it had a 52mm filter mounted? </title>****** name="description" content="Find KIWIFOTOS 52MM LENS ADAPTER FOR FUJIFILM X100 AR-X100 in Cameras Photo, Lenses Filters , Lens Adapters Mounts category on...
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    Fuji First pics with my new camera

    Finally managed to try out my new cam! Coming from an EPL-1, I find the X100 much easier to manipulate individual settings. This forum has been a godsend for new 100 owners. Thanks everyone!
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    Fuji Finally!

    After securing my wife's permission lol, and trying to talk myself out of it, I went ahead and bought an X100! I can't wait! Yay me!
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    Critique Wanted Your thoughts please....

    I took this first photo in Boston last summer. I always try to use a light hand in post but can't help feeling I might have overdone the sky. Your thoughts on the before and after? The last pic is straight from the cam, no tweaking at all. Boston harbor as night falls. I didn't feel I could do...
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    Hi from Moncton, NB, Canada

    Hi all, Keven here. I shoot mostly available light portraits of friends, family, and pets. I use an EPL1 with 20mm lens that I absolutely love.
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