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  1. -Oy-

    Fuji X100F and Gariz

    Looking cool in the black Gariz. *Taken with the X-Pro2
  2. -Oy-

    Mountain and Waterfall

    River Coupall & Buachaille Etive Mor - Glencoe - Scotland X-Pro2 : 10-24mm : 10-Stop ND filter
  3. -Oy-


    Liverpool Anglican Catherdral. X-Pro2 : 10-24mm
  4. -Oy-

    Fuji KAZA case for X-Pro2

    Nice intit?
  5. -Oy-

    One with the other

    Fuji with Fuji. Fuji X-Pro2 - taken with Fuji X-T1
  6. -Oy-


    My youngest daughter at Carlisle Castle yesterday graduation with 1st Class Honours :) *Proud Dad Moment* Fuji X-E2 with 56mm F/1.2
  7. -Oy-

    Stone & Tree

    Up on the limestone pavement on Clawthorpe Fell with the X-E2 and 10-24mm
  8. -Oy-

    Prince Harry

    Prince Harry today with the X-T1 and 90mm F2.
  9. -Oy-


    Hi all A few shots I took of my daughter Sarah recently at Tatton Hall. Fuji X-T1 1. 56mm 2. 10-24mm 3. 56mm
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