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    What Nikon D40 Lens to use for travel?

    I am planning on purchasing the Nikon D40. It's my first SLR carmera and I plan to use it on trips around the world (you might only go once so might as well take good pictures). I only want to take pics of landscape and architecture and hopefully only have to buy one lens instead of having to...
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    What makes a great black & white photo?

    Ok... to put it plainly, I suck at black & white photography. I think one of my strengths in photography (or in any kind of art, really) is my use of color, so I try to utilize that strength as much as I can. However, I want to improve my photography, especially in black & white. I know that...
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    Fuji Nikon d7000 vs Fujifilm x100 vs x100s vs x pro 1?

    I curently own a d7000 and really enjoy shooting with it, but I find myself not wanting to carry it around with me all the time, so I almost never bring it with me. I don't want like a pocket size, but just like to bring with me to school and stuff, and the Fujifilm cameras are the perfect size...
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