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    Ricoh Ricoh GXR with 50mm Prime Settings

    If anybody is using this setup could they share with me some ideal manual set ups for handheld sunny/cloudy day shots of scenery and buildings in colour. I can get some pretty good indoor shots and tripod shots but handheld I am struggling to get a decent balance. Most of the time it seems out...
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    Have I just done the wrong thing?

    Came up with a great idea to afford my Ricoh GXR with 50mm lens. A lens appeared on (auction site) at a fairly reasonable price so I decided to buy this and ask for the GXR Body for Christmas/Birthday off all my family, all good. I have just received the lens today in the post, it turned up in...
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    Ricoh GXR a few Questions

    A few question about the GXR with the 50mm lens. Has anyone seen dust on the sensor, I have seen a couple of people say this has happened which is highly annoying as my GRD 3 hasn't had this issue and thought it was resolved. Is the camera pocketable in a coat pocket? I had the GXR with...
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    Ricoh Ricoh GRD III Lens Ring

    This weekend past I picked up my trusty GRD III to take with me on a trip, but as I picked it up I noticed the lens ring cover was missing, I thought oh it must be in the bag but no. I have hunted high and low but to no luck. So I emailed Ricoh who haven't replied re a replacement. Now what I...
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    Hello from the United Kingdom

    Hello my name is Ash, it's good to come across a site devoted to compact cameras where there is a wealth of experienced users to gain information from. I have to hold my hand up here that I am a terrible photographer, I know a fair bit about the cameras but when it comes to shooting I never...
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