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    Sony Sony A7 with Leitz (Leica !) R series lens ?

    As i have a few R lens in great condition.... i was thinking of how well they would work on a A7 using the focus aid .I normally need reading glasses etc and find range finders "slow" . having seen the videos of the A7 using this "red" focus assist system, it could be my dream come true ? ...
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    Sony Nice 1/2 case without spending a 1/4 of what the camera cost me !

    Thanks to "Aperture" (London) i managed to pick up a almost un used mint RX100 today at a great price. I do find it SMALL...! and would like to add either a good grip or a 1/2 case etc to give me "something to hang onto" ! no question i love the camera and can't wait to get onto the streets...
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