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  1. mike3996

    Philosophy City vs City

    1.1 Setup After planning the move for years, some 18 months ago I moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I traded my idyllic rural cabin in the woods (Sätös, Outokumpu) and my car for a nice urban apartment which offers the absolute dream of mine: great central location; quiet on the inside...
  2. mike3996

    GAS Therapist

    Here's an idea for an entrepreneurial spirit. You set up shop with zoom/skype calls, charge by the hour. Weekly appointments -- emergency rates apply. Your patients -- photographers who suffer from GAS. You listen to their worries, desires, wishlists and try to talk them out of a new purchase...
  3. mike3996

    Of Primes and Men

    I figured the world needed one more primes-vs-zooms discussion. I also figure there are at least five classes of zoom lenses out there. Standard zooms (24-70; 24-120) UWA zooms (14-24; 16-35) Mid-tele zooms (70-200; 80-300) Supertelezooms (100-400; 150-600) Superzooms (28-300; 24-200) I'm a...
  4. mike3996

    On Self improvement

    Between nice cameras and gear lust and everything I stopped to think why I just don't get the next dream camera of mine: I don't think I deserve it. A woman I met on a photography course shot very good street photography. The compositions were clean, there were interesting people in them...
  5. mike3996

    Leica An oldie and goodie -- the Luminous Landscape review about Leica M240 If I am not mistaken, this article raised a small storm back when new. Mark Dubovoy dared to suggest that a Leica could match Nikon D800E! M240 is such a good camera. It's kind of great that the model went underappreciated...
  6. mike3996

    Here's my system for tracking personal gear history

    Begin End Buy Sell System Type FL equiv Gear 2006-Dec 0 Compact 35-140 Canon PowerShot A530 2017-Jun 2019-Sep 3000 (2750) Compact 28 Leica Q 2019-Sep 2020-Jan (2350) 1900 Canon EF ILC Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 2019-Sep 2020-Jan (150) 140 Canon EF Lens 40...
  7. mike3996

    Happiness is...

    ...when I wake up in the morning and have a clear idea what neighborhood or park to go strolling today. Do you have sometimes difficulty choosing where to go with a camera, and if you can't choose anything you might risk not going out altogether?
  8. mike3996

    Leica Leica M10-R (and M11)

    I think I have mentioned this elsewhere but M10-R is a bit cheaper than M10-P and offers a much improved sensor. You get all the M10-P goodies: touch screen, quiet shutter. The downside is that you have to endure the red dot and no engraving on top. This is the next camera for me, I'm quite...
  9. mike3996

    Matt Granger 'That Nikon Guy' selling his Nikon gear

    Alongside Ming Theins announcement, this was another impactful bit of news on my feeds this week. So Matt has decided it's a good time to change gear he uses professionally. You may know he shoots pretty much all gear for review/youtube purposes but Nikon DSLR has been his professional core...
  10. mike3996

    Feedback On Alert preferences

    Overnight my alert preferences changed and now I can't even find where to adjust the setting. I have those alerts set up so that I can click on the bell (desktop thing) and see them and they won't be marked as read just from clicking on the bell. When I came to check the posts this morning, it...
  11. mike3996

    Another sunset walk and VAS

    Another warm, nice sunny day -- time for another of my sunset walks. Take the subway to some 10 miles away from home, walk back and time it so that the golden hours are spent on the road. Today the sun sets at 8:55 pm so I think I'll be timing for a 5 pm start. The last walk was a wonderful...
  12. mike3996

    Leica 7artisans vs Leica - a battle between two 35mm f/1.4 lenses Apart from the 7a lens being too big (it probably shows in the viewfinder quite a bit), things are looking excellent for value-oriented buyers.
  13. mike3996

    Favorite artwork related blogs/feeds

    I want to improve my photography by studying paintings, but I don't know where to begin: the field is vast, I don't really know any names. Does anyone happen to know any sort of blogs or feeds that would for example post a classical painting a day? My focus is on the older eras and styles, not...
  14. mike3996

    On lens macro reproduction ratios

    A Lens's maximum reproduction ratio is one thing that is easily measured and somewhat easily understood, yet many mix sensor crop factors in! Why, WHY?! :confused-95: A 1:1 reproduction makes a half-an-inch ant measure exactly 1/2 inches after the picture goes through the lens to the image...
  15. mike3996

    Nikon Severity of this Df viewfinder issue?

    So my preowned Df seems pretty alright in all aspects but there appears to be a misaligned component in the viewfinder. (Picture material taken from the user manual so their copyright.) This is how it's supposed to be. This line on the bottom is what I see when I look through the VF...
  16. mike3996

    Show: Urban Color

  17. mike3996

    Micro 4/3 Despite lust towards FF and DSLR dinosaurs, I'm just drifting towards m4/3...

    Yeah... the title has it. The optical viewfinder appeals to me but when it comes to shop lenses for this new system I just can't seem to find anything that I'd like. For example... I'm visioning an older 70-200 mm lens to play around with Nikon. I'm imagining an old f/2.8 design won't be...
  18. mike3996

    DSLR - Pentax?

    Being a fan of direct controls, plus being a fan of optical screens, I've been eyeing DSLRs for a bit. With these two requirements, the obvious choice is the Nikon Df. A great camera to be sure. Can be had brand new for 1889 € and refurbished ones for 250 € less, but waiting for a preowned...
  19. mike3996

    Leica MSO 24mm f/2 -- a real pancake That's really cool looking lens.
  20. mike3996

    Nikon Shift happens in SLR world too

    So out of curiosity I read a couple of Nikkor lens reviews. Focus shift was mentioned. What's the exact way one is supposed to go about it shooting a (D)SLR? After all, focus happens wide open and then it closes for exposing. Does one just hold the aperture preview button while...
  21. mike3996

    Interesting difference between forum cultures

    Here we tend to "like" everything that moves, and also that doesn't. Like like like, we're all drowned in likes. Then let's look at NikonCafe, a sister site decidedly. A totally different thing. The greatest of master shots get perhaps 4 likes. Usually a post gets 0-1 likes with 0 being the...
  22. mike3996

    Micro 4/3 M4/3 superzooms: any consensus about filmlike rendering?

    I think everyone agrees, when looking at MTF charts and brickwall tests the Olympus 12-100 PRO wins everything else and for a good reason. So it's objectively the best superzoom lens to get. But what about the subjective matters... Say one enjoys particular imperfections in bokeh, now...
  23. mike3996

    Leica A small & compact 20-60 mm lens from Panasonic

    Lightweight and compact lens, only where are the lightweight and compact bodies? Sigma fp is the only one! :confused-95: The focal range is great and 6-inch minimum focus distance sure sounds fun. If they designed it "right" this lens could be the "12-32 mm" of full frame L mount lenses. I...
  24. mike3996

    Critique Wanted This or that?

    As often happens, I took two substandard compositions. Some crop usually helps but now I have trouble choosing which one has better potential.
  25. mike3996

    The eternal 35-vs-50 war

    So I have finally come to an understanding about my relationship to 35mm vs 50mm focal lengths or their equivalents. 35 mm is a focal length of action. Deeper DOF and the angle of view help capture fleeting moments. Compositions are tough to nail to perfection because there's so much included...
  26. mike3996

    Film Film label explainer

    This is difficult to google; what are the things that are included in film labels, other than speed? White balance? But no online text I found summarises up these cohesively. Fujifilm Astia 100F, what's the F stand for? Fujifilm Pro 160C, same thing with the C. 800Z or 400H?! Kodak 400 VC...
  27. mike3996

    Survey of the Cherry trees

    It was only last year that I got excited about Cherry trees and the yearly Sakura. I took this afternoon to tour many of the plants that I know of. The sun was shining bright and high when I started my tour, which I hated, but I could tell cherries against blue is not going to look terrible. At...
  28. mike3996

    Nikon Sonnar designs for DSLR flange distances?

    Probs a dumb question but is the only Sonnar design that fits common DSLRS a 135mm f/2? Do 50, 75, 85, 90 mm Sonnar designs exist for (D)SLRs?
  29. mike3996

    Leica After the homewrecking incident, what to do with the shrapnel

    So I had the fling with Df. It lasted about 7 days and I did have fun with the prime once it arrived (not so much with the zoom). The problem is that Df is too good. It is too nice to use, the sensor is too great, the lenses too good for the value. I saw immediately that prolonged relationship...
  30. mike3996

    Leica 75 mm lenses for M / LTM

    f/ Elts l [mm] m [g] Street price 7artisans 1.25 7/6 73 600 435 GBP Leica Noctilux 1.25 9/6 91 1055 8575 GBP Leica Summilux (Mandler) 1.4 7/5 80 600* ~4100 GBP Leica APO Summicron 2.0 ~~1400+ GBP Leica Summarit 2.4 6/4 61 345 ~870 GBP CV Nokton 1.5 7/6 63 350 790 GBP...
  31. mike3996

    Leica Lens ideas for the fall

    It's getting easy to maintain exposures and it'll be 6 months when the problem arises again. Outside at least. There are so juicy lenses out there now, not sure what to do with myself :) Some (wild) ideas Voigtländer 21/1.4 Nokton Voigtländer 35/1.4 Nokton Classic MC v2 Voigtländer 35/1.2...
  32. mike3996

    Nikon Just Df things, seen by M shooter

    First things first, help! My Df doesn't factory reset! The two-button trick clears some of the shooting settings but there's still plenty, an absolute plenty that remains set by the previous owner.
  33. mike3996

    Leica M and Df and OVF and good coffee and 42.5

    I've been meaning to ask you @Matero about what's your conclusion or experience so far with M8 vs Df! :) I might gather that you prefer to shoot your Df a great deal, and you don't report having a huge $$$$ collection of M lenses in your stable so I assume it's not such a big lovefest between...
  34. mike3996

    Fuji The electronic rangefinder

    Everybody and their dog has been fantasizing about an EVF camera that had a good workable rangefinder view. Sadly I believe it's just about impossible to implement digitally. But has anyone ever considered this feature the other way around? Take an XPro body. Install dual windows in there...
  35. mike3996

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic 12-32 f/3.5-5.6 Mega OIS

    The World's Best Normal Zoom just got better, when it found home in front of a Panasonic body with DfD goodness.
  36. mike3996

    Adapting problems

    You may have read, I have a long-time dream about adapting vintage SLR lenses because they are (can be) affordable and there's a magnificent selection to choose from. After the disappointment from EPL5 usability, I'm choosing to place more and more eggs in one (Leica M) basket and this means...
  37. mike3996

    Show Ice

  38. mike3996

    Leica Rangefinder to rule them all

  39. mike3996

    Leica 35mm woes

    Just after having a lust after the revised Cosina design, the Voigtländer 35 Nokton Classic f/1.4 II (promised to fix the focus shift problems and it did), they now announce there's a new Voigtländer 35 Nokton f/1.2 III coming! Now, like many I didn't really care for the 35 f/1.2 because it's a...
  40. mike3996

    Feedback Photo gallery forums too scattered!

    I like our vibrant and active photo forums here, but don't you think there's too many of them and they're all scattered. I never find the right place to post my pictures! Frankly it's exhausting. Some of my thoughts, what I am seeing. "Words / No Words". Nice idea but in practice has anyone...
  41. mike3996

    Nice map apps for Android/desktop?

    Wonder if you use or know any simple apps that could do the following: ("Hey I should visit that place that is an hour from my place!") ("Hmm didn't know there's this monument five minutes from my work place. Probably looks nice once the flowers are in bloom.") ("Gotta revisit this place in...
  42. mike3996

    Canon Canon EOS R5: Big if True

    Judging by the preannouncement by Canon, the upcoming EOS R5 is looking to be a big player. I don't always see eye to eye with Canon wrt their lenses but I have to recognize their...
  43. mike3996

    Micro 4/3 Take it from the top

    Revisiting old vacation shots. It's been some time since with this lens -- the tiny Panasonic 35-100 f4-5.6. Luckily I never sold it, now it might see some action again with the E-PL5. What a performer this is!
  44. mike3996

    Leica Leica and my future with it

    Now that I'm downsizing by getting rid of Fuji, I'm suddenly getting back the appeal of having one camera body, one master to it all. (Hold that thought!) It's because the recent half-serious desire I had with Leica SL left me conflicted. To be sure, Leica SL would be the absolute best...
  45. mike3996

    Fuji I think I'll move on

    I have placed a FS/FT post for all my Fuji gear -- as a long shot I mentioned I can entertain trades for Leica SL or Nikon Df. (These two bodies being particular desires for me right now. Won't certainly happen but would be seriously cool if it did.) This is an early eulogy. This is pretty...
  46. mike3996

    4K TV as the computer monitor

    So here I am, decided to solve my screen estate problems with a 4K television from LG. Because this thing is 49" UHD with an IPS panel for 350 € there's surely something wrong with this. Well let's find out! The store I bought this from has a most generous return policy so I have about a month...
  47. mike3996

    Two APS-C makers that get it?

    (Clickable image) An assortment of modern cameras and lenses with 11-35 mm-eqv zoom lenses or thereabouts. Interestingly, Canon M and Leica TL are the ones that get what you can achieve with the smaller image circle of the smaller crop factor. Truly impressive.
  48. mike3996

    Software darktable 3.x

    Cool stuff, man! 😃 Yeah man, that's about it. Pardon me, I've been listening to Ted Vieira podcasts, hours upon hours when I traveled for holidays. This is a detailed changelog about new things in 3.0: darktable 3.0 Some of my older workflows are now obsolete but that's okay. New stuff to...
  49. mike3996

    GAS: Please Share your Latest Desires Big and Small

    What do you desire this moment, how come and will you do anything about it? What fancy reasons, made-up or otherwise you are able to tell yourself? :)
  50. mike3996

    If cameras are ISO-invariant these days...

    Many models these days are visibly ISO-invariant, meaning that you can take a picture at 1/800 sec ISO 800 or take the same picture at 1/800 sec ISO 100 and push 3 stops at post processing, getting the same noise levels and the same picture. My question: when are we going to see the first...
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